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Program Information

Official Festival Program

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2018 Concert Information

Opening Festival Concert
Wednesday, October 24, 2018, 7:30 pm, University Hall Theater

Ex Machina for Saxophone Quartet (2016) - Marc Mellits (b. 1966)
- Machine I let the funk out
- Machine II flowing
- Machine III not quite, but almost pensive; sunflowers in love
- Machine IV dancing a mean ghastly dance
- Machine V the morning after
- Machine VI flowing, lyrical, & songlike
- Machine VII aggressive and funky
Solaire Saxophone Quartet
Scotty Stepp, soprano saxophone; Paul Bro, alto saxophone
Samuel Fritz, tenor saxophone; Erika Stepp, baritone saxophone

Green (2016) - Marc Mellits
- Emerald
- Mantis
- Paris
- Harlequin
- Turquoise
- Teal
ISU Faculty String Quartet with guest Dennis McCafferty
Erik Rohde and Yuri Uchida, violin; Donna Lively Clark, viola
Kurt Fowler and Dennis McCafferty, cello

Phoenix for flute, oboe, clarinet, horn, and bassoon (2017) - Marc Mellits
ISU Faculty Wind Quintet
Angela Reynolds, flute; Katy Gunn, oboe
Andrea Hoyt, clarinet; Brian Kilp, horn; Chad Roseland, bassoon

Gravity (2013) - Marc Mellits
ISU Percussion Ensemble with Marc Mellits
Daniel Colvin, vibraphone; Brandon Dowell, marimba
Marc Mellits, bass marimba; Shawn Olson, marimba

ISU Student Performer and Composer Recital
Thursday, October 25, 2018, 10:30 am, Boyce Recital Hall

Black (2014) - Marc Mellits (b. 1966)
Kyle Hartzog and Justin Pavot, baritone saxophone

Sculpture in Wood (1995) - Rudiger Pawassar (b. 1964)
Blake Roach, Isaiah Owen, Taylor Moga, and Tyler Blaisdell, percussion

Petite Suite for a Plethora of Instruments (2017) - Kyle Hartzog (b. 1996)
- III. Waltz
Chris Hartzog, oboe; Gabrielle Ricketts, clarinet
Brittney Thomas, bass clarinet; Kyle Hartzog, saxophones
Alex Villalpando, bassoon; Hunter Hill, double bass

Mr. Tambourine Man (2000) - John Corigliano (b.1938)
- Forever Young
Katelyn Kendall, soprano; Sharilyn Spicknall, piano

Tales From the Last Man on Earth (2018) - Jacob Harrison (b. 1999)
John Huber (alumnus), euphonium; David Gibbs, piano

A Kiss (1992) - Ian Venables (b. 1955)
The Hippo (2003) - Ian Venables
Logan Williams, tenor; Martha Krasnican, piano

Orange Dawn (1992) - Ian Clarke (b. 1964)
Ricardo Gil, flute; Martha Krasnican, piano

Goodnight Moon (2014) - Eric Whitacre (b. 1970)
Victoria Mahoney, soprano; Sharilyn Spicknall, piano

Dialogue for Alto Saxophone and Piano (2006) - Daniel Powers (b. 1960)
Justin Pavot, alto saxophone; Martha Krasnican, piano

Release (2017) - Marc Mellits (b. 1966)
Austin Marshall, Katy Gaines, Amelia Woolery, and Keegan Anderson, horn

Roaring Fork Quintet for Wind Instruments (1997) - Eric Ewazen (b. 1954)
- Whitewater Rapids
Katy Burger, flute; Brooke Meadows, oboe; Gabby Ricketts, clarinet;
Jacob Gay, horn; Alex Villalpando, bassoon

Howling at the Moon (2000) - Dana Wilson (b. 1942)
- Conjuring
Jon Allender, soprano saxophone; Justin Pavot, alto saxophone
Allison Byrd, tenor saxophone; Kyle Hartzog, baritone saxophone

Indianapolis Chamber Orchestra
Thursday, October 25, 2018, 7:30 pm, Tilson Auditorium
Matthew Kraemer, Conductor

Iscariot (1989) - Christopher Rouse (b. 1949)

Fractal Miniatures (2014) - Roger Zare (b. 1985)
- I. Sierpinski Triangle, Iteration I
- II. Flowsnake
- III. Newton Fractal
- IV. Dragon Curve, Iteration I
- V. Mandelbrot Set
- VI. Dragon Curve, Iteration II
- VII. Nova Fractal
- VII. Sierpinski Triangle, Iteration II
Winner, 2018 Indianapolis Chamber Orchestra Composer Competition
in collaboration with the Indiana State University Contemporary Music Festival

Mythology Symphony (2007–2013) - Stacy Garrop (b. 1969)
- II. Penelope Waits

Brick (2005) - Marc Mellits (b. 1966)
- I. Gloria
- II. Terracotta Soup
- III. Purple Dandelion
- IV. Refrigerator Wisdom
- V. Red Hammer
- VI. Cinderblock Pudding
- VII. Jacob’s Ladder

ISU Faculty and Friends Chamber Recital
Friday, October 27, 2016, 10:30 am, Boyce Recital Hall

Love me like a beautiful dream (2018) - Dana Wilson (b. 1946)
- I. The sweet murmur - excerpt by Sappho (trans. by Mary Barnhard); cx. 6th Cent. BCE Greece
- II. How very close – by Rumi (trans. by Nader Khalili), 13th Century Persia
- III. When the dawn comes – by Anon. (trans. by Arthur Waley), 9th Century Japan
Yana Weinstein, soprano; Brian Kilp, horn; Martha Krasnican, piano

Honami for solo flute - Wil Offermans (b.1983)
Angela Reynolds, flute

Playtime (2018) - Chris Neiner (b. 1994)
- Toy Chest
- Connect the Dots
- In March of the Sandcastle Soldiers
Erik Rohde, violin; Brian Kilp, horn; Martha Krasnican, piano

Seconds - Espen Jensen (b. 1975)
Duo Diez
Espen Jensen, guitar; Donna Lively Clark, viola

Luminous (2016, revised for saxophone and cello 2018) - Mark Engebretson (b. 1964)
Bro-Fowler Duo
Paul Bro, saxophone; Kurt Fowler, cello

Meditations While Running in Place - Sarah Gibson (b. 1986)
(Text by Elizabeth Wilcox)
- Morning
- Based on a True Story
- In the Bedroom
- Missive
- Levity
Amanda Russo Stante, mezzo-soprano; Karina Avanesian-Weinstein, piano

Games for Brass - C. Curtis Smith (1941–2014)
- III. Charades (The Chase)
The ISU Faculty Ambassador Brass
Eddie Ludema, Robert Waugh, trumpets
Brian Kilp, horn; Randall Mitchell, trombone; Paul Mergen, tuba

Music Now Recital
Friday, October 26, 2018, 3:00 pm, Boyce Recital Hall

In DayDream for viola and guitar - Nicholas Revel (b. 1983)
David Veslocki, guitar
Nicholas Revel, viola

Crystalline for 2 pianos and percussion - Jennifer Bellor (b. 1983)
Futaba Niekawa and Olga Shupyatskaya, piano
Jimmy Finnie, vibraphone, Blake Roach, percussion
Roby George, conductor

Whiplash for violin and piano - John Costa (b. 1955)
- I. Blindsided!
- II. Suicide Note
- III. Breaking the Abyss
Erik Rohde, violin; Martha Krasnican, piano

Orbital Variations for solo cello - Shawn Crouch (b. 1977)
Craig Hultgren, cello

Volcanic Ash for saxophone quartet - Christopher Hass (b. 1983)
Scotty Stepp, soprano saxophone; Paul Bro, alto saxophone
Samuel Fritz, tenor saxophone; Erika Stepp, baritone saxophone

Final Concert
Friday, October 26, 2018, 7:30 pm, Tilson Auditorium

Béke (Peace) (2016) - Máté Bella (b. 1985)
- (Text: Gyula Juhász)
Armistice 1918 (Everyone Sang) (2015) - Craig Carnahan (b. 1951)
- (Text: Siegfried Sassoon)
ISU Concert Choir
Scott R. Buchanan, director

Garapan (2009) - Benjamin Taylor (b. 1983)
ISU Jazz Ensemble
Eddie Ludema, director

Paranoid Cheese for cello and string orchestra (2011) - Marc Mellits (b. 1966)
On the Banks of the Wabash, Far Away (2016) - Paul Dresser (1857 - 1906), arr. Jeff Frizzi
Sixth Fanfare for the Uncommon Woman (for orchestra) (2014) - Joan Tower (b. 1938)
ISU Symphony Orchestra
Erik Rohde, director

Mare Tranquillitatis (Sea of Tranquility) for Saxophone Ensemble - Roger Zare (b.1985)
ISU Saxophone Choir
Jon Allender, Ben Moan, soprano saxophone
Nathan Chelf, Jessica Hubbs, Justin Pavot, Rose Shaffer, alto saxophone
Allison Byrd, Logan Flick, Jess Hughes, Lydia Miller, tenor saxophone
Ian Cole, Sarah Kindley, Chris Wolfe, Wylie Wood, baritone saxophone
Kyle Hartzog, bass saxophone
Dr Paul Bro, conductor

Requiem for a Hummingbird (2012) - Marc Mellits
Short Ride in a Fast Machine (1986) - John Adams (b. 1947), arr. 2006 Richard Saucedo
ISU Wind Orchestra
Roby G. George, director