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Contest Results

2023 Music Now Contest Winners

Deniz Caglarcan (b. 1992)
Void for Viola and Fixed Electronics (2022)

Nichagarn Chiracharasporn (b. 2001)
Streaming Music for String Quartet (2022)

Andrew Hannon (b. 1977)
respire (2021)

David Jones (b.1990)
Canzona for Brass Quintet (2022)

Mendel Lee (b. 1975) The Spaces Between for Percussion Ensemble (2020, revised 2021)

Kian Ravaei (b. 1999)
Unstoppable for clarinet, violin, violoncello, and piano (2022)

Monte Taylor (b. 1991)
Sigil II: Amistad (2019)

Lyu Wenbin (b. 1994)
Glow for Saxophone Quartet (2022)

2023 ISU Student Contest Winners

Clare Dillon, piccolo
Isaiah Fortoso, violin Hannah Kirkwood, flute Jacob Snook, alto saxophone

Cello Quartet
Luke Templin, Alicia Kessler, Preston Burton, & Kaitlyn McDonald, cello

Euphonium Duo
Hunter Reinhart & Lydia Shaffer, euphonium
Hannah Kirkwood, piano

Flute Quartet
Nikelle Carlson, Hannah Kirkwood, Analise Best, Clare Dillon, flute

Saxophone-Cello Duo
Morgen Tillema, alto saxophone; Emma Culver, cello

Saxophone Quartet
Caitlen Douglass, soprano saxophone; Joshua Goodin, alto saxophone
Nate Kalenny, tenor saxophone; Avery Arthur, baritone saxophone

Saxophone Octet
Morgen Tillema & Caitlen Douglass, soprano saxophone
Alayna Aldridge & Josh Goodin, alto saxophone
Jacob Snook & Nate Kalenny, tenor saxophone
Noah Meece and Avery Arthur, baritone saxophone

2022 Indianapolis Chamber Orchestra / CMF Contest Winner

Kyle Rivera

2022 Music Now Contest Winners

Will Davenport
Narcissus (2021)

Adam Har-zvi
Sonata for Cello and Piano (2020)

Matthew Kennedy
Triceratops tasty grooves for saxophone trio (2017)

Lindsey Lambrecht
Spinning (2022)

Jessie Lause
Hidden Variables (2021)

Allison McIntosh
Ad Astra, Songs by Kansas Poets for voice and piano (2019)

Mel Mobley
A Winter of Discontent (2021)

Sean Penzo
Sprezzatura for Solo Clarinet (2022)

2022 ISU Student Contest Winners

Alayna Aldridge, alto saxophone
Analise Best, flute
Damaris Bravo and Wyatt Jones, percussion
Nikelle Carlson, flute
Madison Jobe and Emma Culver, cello
Hannah Kirkwood, flute
Lily Kostraba, violin
Noah Meece, alto saxophone
Hunter Reinhart, euphonium
Morgen Tillema, also saxophone
Braiden Shuck, voice

2021 Indianapolis Chamber Orchestra / CMF Contest Winner

Craig Peaslee
Second City Strut

2021 Music Now Contest Winners

Aaron Houston (Baltimore, MD)
Jam and Toast for Solo Horn in F

Jason Rosenberg (Sewanee, TN)
Arborescence for Keyboard or Pitched Mallet Instrument

Micah Mooney (Sellersville, PA)
El Taquero for Steel Pan with Auxiliary Percussion

Dustin Dunn (Ironton, MO)
Serial Bowl: Breakfast Variations for Alto Saxophone

Robert Rankin (Bloomington, IN)
Deep State for Soprano Saxophone and Percussion

Michael Grebla (New York, NY)
A Curious Misadventure for Flute, Clarinet, Violin, and Cello

2021 ISU Student Contest Winners

Morgan Adams
Jackson Armes
Joshua Billik
Nikelle Carlson
David Chaney
Holly Coffelt
Ian Cole
Emma Culver
Jess Hughes
Wyatt Jones
Lily Kostraba
Ellissa McCullough
Lydia Miller
Kaitlyn Stone
Tyler Smith
Morgen Tillema

2020 Indianapolis Chamber Orchestra / CMF Contest Winner

Benjamin Krause
(performance delayed until 2021)

2020 Music Now Contest Winners

Max Addae
La Guitarra for Guitar and Typist

Benjamin Baker
Primordial for Alto Sax + Live Electronics

Jiyoun Chung
Scissors Fantasia Toccata for Solo Piano

Doug Davis
Idee Fixe for Solo Flute

Michael Grebla
String Quartet No. 2: Fede "Faith"

Benjamin Krause
Taxonomies of Pulse for 2 Pianos

Stephen Mitton
Albatross for Mezzo-Soprano and Pierrot ensemble

Ryan Suleiman
Two Pieces in Variable Order (1st Movement) for Solo Percussion

2019 Indianapolis Chamber Orchestra / CMF Contest Winner

Michele Caniato
Introduzione e Siciliana

2019 Music Now Contest Winners

Calvin Hitchcock
Water: Phase II for cello and piano

Dalton Ringey
without reason…without purpose for alto saxophone and bassoon

Eric Zurbin
Moon Cicadas (irsll tesellatus) for solo piano

Evgeniya Kozhevnikova
Stardust for solo marimba

Spencer Arias
Unfamiliar Spaces for flute and fixed media

Addison Wong
Dances for solo violin

2019 ISU Student Contest Winners

  • Natalia Duarte, soprano
  • Ross Hanson, baritone
  • Jacob Harrison, composer
  • Victoria Mahoney, soprano
  • Ellissa McCullough, mezzo-soprano
  • Blake Roach, percussion
  • Whitney Slaton, bass flute
  • Alex Villalpando, contrabassoon
  • John Washam, tenor
  • Logan Williams, tenor
  • Vocal Duo: Julia Powell, soprano; William Buchanan, baritone
  • Vocal Ensemble: Demi Beuligmann and Victoria Mahoney, soprano; Isabella Collins and Kristen Fenton, alto; John Washam and Logan Williams, tenor; Dylan Keller and Joshua Billik, bass
  • Saxophone Quartet: Jon Allender, soprano saxophone; Justin Pavot, alto saxophone; Allison Byrd, tenor saxophone; Ben Moan, baritone saxophone
  • Instrumental Ensemble: Mary Abernathy, piccolo; Ben Walden, clarinet; Alex Villalpando, bassoon; Seth Arnold and Brayden Guddell, trumpet; Wiley Wood, piano; Shawn Olson, timpani; Sarah Kindley, conductor