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Graduate Student Directory

Madilyn Botkin-Whitfield

Madi BW

Madilyn Botkin-Whitfield (Madi BW) is now studying to obtain her Masters Degree in Communication. Madi has a Bachelor’s of Science in Communication with a concentration in communication and culture, with a minor in international studies. She chose to complete graduate school in order to gain more knowledge and skills in her field before obtaining a career. Madi hopes to shift her focus from communication and culture to social media and online media management. She has accepted a position as a graduate assistant for the department and is assisting Dr. Tu in the class Comm 209: Intro to Research. After graduation, Madi hopes to find a career in the area of social media management but has also thought about other possibilities.

Connor Goff


Connor Goff is now studying at Indiana State University as a communication graduate student. After receiving his bachelor's degree in communication/public relations, and a minor in philosophy concentrated in ethics, his focus of work during graduate studies is likely to be health communication. Specifically, researching ways to lower the knowledge gap between healthcare providers and their consumers. During this time, Connor has taken a teaching assistant position within the department of communication and is working alongside Dr. Malynnda Johnson to teach COMM 204, Media and Society. After his time at Indiana State University, Connor plans to seek out a doctoral program with the ultimate intent being to teach at the collegiate level.


Hannah Higdon 

My area of interest is in Deaf communication, specifically how Deaf individuals communicate and why they choose to communicate that way with the hearing population. After graduation I hope to work for CSD (Communication Services for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing), pursue my PhD (for Native American history), or go to law school (tribal law) and eventually get into politics. I studied History, Political Science, and Communication Studies in undergrad and all of these areas are a part of my interests, which it makes it very hard to decide what I want to do. I chose the program at ISU because I studied communication in undergrad and wanted to learn more about it; also, I chose it because I wasn't exactly sure what I wanted to do with my life so I thought the best choice for me while I was figuring that out would be to continue with my education. 

Landon Kleindorfer


Landon Kleindorfer is an ISSN Graduate Assistant, but his involvement does not end at ISU. He is also an intern for Terre Haute Rex, the collegiate summer baseball team, as well as an analyst for ESPN, furthering his communication work in sports.

Aryn Long

aryn long

Hello! My name is Aryn Long, and I am a second-year graduate student in the communication program. My focus in communication is public advocacy. Before my graduate career, I received my bachelor degree in multidisciplinary studies with a concentration in gender studies and a minor in psychology. Currently, I serve as the LGBTQ+ student resource center graduate assistant for The Office of Multicultural Services and Programs. Some events that I have throughout the semester revolve around history, taboo topics, and sexual education. I hope my future degree in communication and my current graduate assistantship will assist me in becoming a better advocate for marginalized communities.


Kirk Owusu

Kirk Owusu Moore is from Koforidua, Ghana, West Africa. I am a two-time high school diploma holder; one from Pope John Senior High School (Ghana) and the other from Covenant Christian High School in Indianapolis, Indiana (U.S.A). Kirk is also a two-time alumnus of Indiana State University’s department of Political Science and Criminology. There, I attained degrees in Pre-Law & Legal Studies (B.A.) and Criminology and Criminal Justice with a concentration in Law enforcement (Terrorism) (M.A.). Currently, I am also pursuing another masters’ in Communication and looking to graduate in December. Kirk held many leadership roles during his undergraduate and graduate years, and he is currently an undergraduate student Mentor helping students attain the skills to become future leaders. Since 2012, Mr. Moore has participated and collaborated with Indiana State University to create numerous leadership programs in both the United States and Croatia (University of Zagreb). His hard work and commitment has yielded him many awards in including the Inclusive Excellence Award from Indiana State University, The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts Certificate of Merit, Outstanding excellence superior performance and accomplishment award, African-American Academic Achievement award, Student global scholar of the year award, and the Center for Global Engagement Global Student Educator of the Year. These and many recognitions have afforded me what makes me very passionate at what I do. For three years I also have taught few classes at Indiana State University taking the position of an Adjunct Professor with the Department of Criminology and Criminal Justice and A research assistant as well as a guest professor with the Department of African Studies where I taught African music and the Diaspora with Dr. Colleen Haas, a renowned ethnomusicologist teaching at Indiana State University. These and many achievements also led me to work with the State of Indiana, becoming a case manager for the Department Child Services as an Assessment case worker. Leadership is my passion for I believe that it is only a true servant leader that has the key to the future of a safe and a working world.  


Lincoln Schlemmer 

My area of interest is media studies.  I would like to get into broadcasting after I complete my degree.  I chose ISU for my master’s degree because I did two years of my undergraduate work here.  I have also been considering getting a PhD but at the time I am undecided.


Amber Stinson

As a public relations practitioner, I practice strategic communications to launch campaigns that align with an organization’s mission and vision; to advise an organization’s administration on the best plan of action; and to engage with an organization’s stakeholders as well as their community partners. It is always my goal to curate brand awareness and tell a story while creating mutually beneficial relationships for an organization and their community that will stand the test of time. Earning my master’s degree in Communications at Indiana State University will amplify my skillset and allow me to hone my craft.

I have worked for the Vigo County Public Library for five years and hope to continue working in non-profit/government public relations throughout my career. As a library advocate, it is a privilege to be able to say that I personally align with the mission and vision of the organization that I dedicate my time to. Ethics are an extremely important aspect of public relations and discovering the right fit for you is key to developing a career that you enjoy


Corry Smith

Corry Smith is a native of Richton Park, IL, and an alumnus of Indiana State University 15' GR'18. As a Student Affairs professional, he found his passion for communication and decided to pursue ISU's graduate program. His research interests are developed from his work within Family Studies, specifically, Interpersonal Communication. Some of his research interests are romantic relationship development, online dating and impression management, intimate partnership communication, and how communication shapes the world from a cultural lens. He plans to pursue a Ph.D. with a concentration in Interpersonal Communication to further expand on his areas of interest.

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