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Master's Degree in Communication

About the Program

The Department of Communication offers students a comprehensive and interdisciplinary master of arts degree in Communication. This degree program equips students with advanced analytical, critical, and creative tools for study of the discipline. 

This program challenges students to become independent and capable scholars. Graduate students engage in meaningful research or creative projects, and competently present their work in written and oral forms. They become well-versed in the range of conceptual and applied communication knowledge, understand societal and ethical issues in the discipline, and comprehend key issues and current research in communication. Students gain an integrative perspective on the discipline as they study an array of communication subfields such as mediated communication, political communication, international communication, interpersonal communication, gender studies, health communication, rhetorical studies, journalism, and more.

Students graduating with the M.A. in Communication are prepared for the successful pursuit of many academic and professional careers. Graduates can confidently enter the profession with advanced knowledge and skill, acquire credentials that set them apart from other professionals, command higher salaries, engage in teaching opportunities, or pursue the Ph.D. among other opportunities.


Degree Requirements

The M.A. in Communication from Indiana State University requires the following components:


Graduate Communication Courses

Visit the Graduate Catalog to explore all graduate communication courses that are offered during this academic year.