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Department Application & Instructions

In addition to application materials required by the College of Graduate and Professional Studies, applicants to the graduate program in Communication must include the following in their applications: 

(1) two formal letters of recommendation

(2) responses to the department application (listed below)

Applications are accepted for both fall and spring semesters at the following link:

For full consideration for a graduate assistant position, applications must be completed by March 10..

Questions specific to the graduate program in Communication may be directed to:
         Dr. Malynnda Johnson, Chairperson of the Graduate Committee 

For Graduate admissions questions contact the College of Graduate and Professional Studies at:

To contact the department directly please use the email below

GRE Score

The Department of Communication does not require a GRE score for admission into its program.  However, GRE scores can be submitted as an optional application item if the candidate wishes to include their results for consideration as an additional measure, among others, to determine the applicant’s eligibility for acceptance into the program. There is no threshold GRE score that must be attained for admission. Official GRE scores can be sent directly to the College of Graduate and Professional Studies, ordered from, using the ISU institution code 1322.

Department Application

Please write brief responses to the following questions:

1) How did you learn about ISU's graduate program in communication? 

2) Why do you want to pursue a graduate degree in communication? 

3) Why do you want to pursue a graduate degree at ISU? 

4) Please tell us about any of your experiences, skills, and academic interests that will help you to contribute to discussions in classes and seminars in our graduate program. 

5) On what communication topics would you like to focus in your graduate work? 

6) What are your professional goals? How do you think your work in our program will help you to carry out your plans for professional work or further study, after your studies here? 

7) Describe an incident in your life, anything since early childhood, in which communication issues (problems, skills, or questions) played an important role. Explain the role this communication problem, skill, or question played in the incident.


If you would like to fill these questions out on a Word document, please click on the link below.