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Majors and Minors in Communication


Discover your brand while learning how to help organizations build and maintain good reputations while being able to effectively communicate with employees, the media, community groups, and other constituents important to their success. Sharpen your skills in strategic communication, social media, crisis communication, and persuasion in order to support your success. PR leads to a career as a brand ambassador, corporate communication specialist, government or public affairs specialist, social media manager, event and media relations coordinator.


Interrogate the impact of consuming, performing, and experiencing culture,and how culture shapes communities. With a specific focus on advocacy and social justice, the Cultural Communication program gives you the opportunity to develop writing, research, and communication skills to explore topics and ideas that you are passionate about. These skills will lead you to multiple careers in a variety of sectors. Such as law and government, diversity and inclusion work, non-profits, media and entertainment, community organizing, and international relations.

JOURNALISM - Major | Minor

This program challenges you to meet the demands of today’s journalists. such as expertise in visual story gathering and production, social media, and web design to compete in a modern mediated world. Rooted in the skills, ethics, and responsibilities of modern news media, this program will prepare you for a dynamic career path that involves specialization in reporting across multiple areas such as politics, sports, and entertainment. Emerging fields like entrepreneurial journalism, digital and immersive journalism, and community or citizen journalism also offer exciting opportunities.


The perfect complement to any of our programs in the Department of Communication. If you enjoy sports, this minor can help take your degree into many sport-centered careers. Including sports journalism and play-by-play broadcasting. College and professional sports team organizations need skilled communicators to facilitate interpersonal and organizational interaction between players, coaches, managers, referees, and fans.

These careers can also guide the way sports are represented and communicated in media.


The Digital Communication and Media Program prepares you to take your place in the expanding field of digital media. Master content creation for digital media environments and a critical understanding of the role digital media play in modern society. The world needs digital communication specialists as media increasingly integrate into multiple areas of everyday life. Careers in Digital Communication and Media cover many areas including e-sports, entertainment (film, TV, music), social media, brand management, and web design.