The objectives, purposes, and functions of this center, in accordance with the basic objectives described in the Preamble, shall be to:

  1. Help raise the level of economic understanding in West-Central Indiana in particular and the state in general.

  2. Develop programs, materials, and evaluation instruments to facilitate instruction on the American economy and its role in the world economy in particular, and the concepts relating to market economies and free enterprise in general.

  3. Conduct and promote workshops, pre- and in-service training programs and other training to teachers and educational administrators from all grade levels to improve both the quality and quantity of instruction of economic concepts in the standard curriculum.

  4. Cooperate, whenever possible, with schools, educational agencies, business labor, agricultural, and community groups which seek to expand sound and objective economic education programs.

  5. Conduct and promote workshops and other programs for member of the clergy of all faiths in order to improve their understanding of economic concepts and issues.

  6. Assist schools and personnel from the state and local educational communities in the evaluation and implementation of available economic educational materials.

  7. Assist individual school systems in designing economic education programs to meet their particular needs and purposes, in line with their available resources and their stated interests in formal K-12 economic education program.

  8. Develop financial support to implement these objectives and deposit funds with Indiana State University for these purposes.