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Earth & Environmental Systems Lecture Series

Spring 2017
January 27 - Amanda Sheppard: Environmental Policy and Advocacy in the Hoosier State - Hoosier Environmental Council

February 3 - Rachel Headley: Owner of Cobblestone Science LLC.

February 10 - Rob Shumaker: The Zen of Orangutans - Executive Vice President and Zoo Director - Indianapolis Zoo

February 24 - Steve Aldrich: Tearing Apart Landscapes: Forest Fragmentation and Contentious Land Change in the Brazil-Nut Polygon in Eastern Amazônia - Indiana State University

March 3 - Dr. Paul Sammarco: Broad phyletic adaptation/exaptation to thermal stress in corals and implications for extinction - LUMCON

March 10 - Steve DiNaso: "Discovery of the Herrin Massacre Victims A Spatiotemporal & Forensic Mapping Initiative" - Indiana State University PhD Candidate

March 21 -

March 31 - Dr. Songlin Fei: "Mapping and Modeling Exotic Invasions from Local to Regional Levels" - Purdue University

April 21 - Dr. David Porinchu: Evidence of abrupt climate change at 9.3 ka and 8.2 ka in the central Canadian Arctic: An analogue for the future? - University of Georgia

April 28 - Dr. Matt Bekker: "Rivers, Earthquakes, and Old Cabins: Stories form Tree Rings" - Brigham Young University

May 5 - Dr. Evan Larson: "People, Fire, and Pines: Reconsidering Wilderness in the Border Lakes Region of Minnesota and Ontario" - University of Wisconsin - Platteville

Spring 2016
February 18 – Steve Aldrich: Spatial Decision-making and the Environment in the Amazon Land War – Indiana State University

February 25 – Sherilyn Fritz: The Cenozoic evolution of biotic and geophysical diversity in the tropical Andes and Amazon – University of Nebraska

March 3 – Michael McGlue: Paleolimnology in the Brazilian Pantanal: Using Lake Sediments to Explore Environmental Change in the World's Largest Tropical Wetland – University of Kentucky

March 10 – Jörn Seemann: Cartographic Histories of South America – Ball State University

March 24 – Eduardo S. Brondizio: Studying socio-ecological complexity in the Amazon Estuary-Delta – Indiana University

March 31 – Michael A. O'Neal: A multidisciplinary study of rock glaciers in the Dry Andes of Argentina – University of Delaware

April 7 – Broxton Bird:Unraveling Holocene South American climate with new lake sediment records from the Colombian Andes – IUPUI

April 14 – Cris Fisher: Title Coming Soon – Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul / ISU

April 21 – Trisha Spanbauer: Punctuational Change in the Size of an Endemic Diatom from Lake Titicaca – EPA

Spring 2015
February 12 – Arndt Schimmelmann: Paleoceanography in the Santa Barbara Basin off California

April 2 – Ellen Thomas:The Beginning and End of the Paleocene: do rates of ocean acidification determine deep-sea extinction and survival?

April 9 – Ashley Burkett: Geochemistry of benthic foraminifera from Pacific Methane seeps

April 16- James Kennett: Evidence for the Younger Dryas Boundary (YDB) Cosmic Impact 12,800 Yrs Ago and its Environmental, Biotic, and Human Consequences.

April 23 – Ingrid Hendy: Linking extreme weather in California to climate forcing

April 24 – Mike Blackwell: What has changed to get us to $2.00 gasoline and how long will this last?

Spring 2014
February 20 - Jackson Njau: The Role of Crocodylians in Human Evolution: A View from Olduvai Gorge

February 27 – Jeffery Stone: Lake-level history of Paleolake Mababe, Botswana

March 6 – Michael McGlue: Lacustrine Basin Analysis and Petroleum Systems: A View from the East African Rift Valley

March 19 - Victor Cobs Munoz: Atmospheric Pollution by Respirable Particulate Matter and Territorial Health Inequalities

March 20 – Erik Brown: Lake Malawi's response to 21st Century environmental change

April 10 - Alexandria Guth: The chert deposits and siliceous diapirs of Lake Magadi, Kenya

April 17 – Craig Feibel : Lacustrine Archives of Environmental Dynamics in East Africa: The Backdrop to Human Evolution

Fall 2013
September 12 – Jared Kluesner: Deformation and Fluid-Flow at a Convergent Margin: Insights from the CRISP 3D Seismic Project.

Spring 2013
February 14 – Catherine O’Reilly: Lake warming trends: global patterns, regional hotspots, and potential consequences

February 28 - Feng Sheng Hu: Climate Change, Novel Fire Regimes, and Biogeochemical Implications

April 25 – Sherilyn Fritz: Quaternary Hydrologic Variation in Tropical South America and its Implications for Biodiversity

Spring 2012
January 19 – Mark Green: Analyzing 5,000 years of settlement on the Central Jordan Plateau - GIS and remote sensing as archaeological tools

February 2 – Christopher Schmidt: Idiosyncracies of Archaic period warfare

February 16 – Jonathan Martin: Springs and blue holes: Windows into chemical and physical hydrogeology of eogenetic karst aquifers

March 15 – Jeanette Pope: The mineralogy and geochemistry of efflorescent salts and their influence on Indiana water quality

March 22 – Nathan Stansell: Reconstructing Environmental Changes Using Glaciers and Wetlands

March 26 – Jeffery Stone: East African Megadrought: The Late Pleistocene history of Lake Malawi

April 12 – Christina Hupy: Ecotone Dynamics: The Late Holocene Vegetation History of the Forest Tension Zone in Central Lower Michigan USA

Fall 2011
September 8 – Todd Thompson: Long-term and short-term shoreline behavior in the upper Great Lakes

September 22 – Denver Harper: History of reclamation at the Friar Tuck abandoned mine site, Greene and Sullivan Counties, Indiana

October 20 – Bruce Rhoads: The Dynamics of Chute Cutoffs on Large Meandering Rivers: Lessons Learned from Mackey Bend on the Wabash River

November 3 – EES Student Research

November 17 – Daniel Knudsen: Tourism, Ideology and Aesthetics: Towards a Coherent Theory of Tourism Sights and Tourist Experience

December 1 – Robert McCullough: Late Prehistoric settlement viability during the Oliver phase of central and south-central Indiana

Spring 2011
January 24 – Daniel J. Bradley:  Oil and Gas Exploration:  The Macondo Prospect, Mississippi Canyon Block 252

January 31 – John Comer: Petroleum Production Potential and Depositional Setting of Woodford Shale (Devonian), Southern Midcontinent, USA

February 7 – Lenore Tedesco: Cyanobacteria in Indiana – Occurrence, Toxicity, and Triggers

February 21 – Laura Wasylenki: How Does Metal Adsorption Cause Isotopes to Apportion?

March 14 – William Monaghan: Tracing the Settlement, Use, and Abandonment of a Mississippian Town through its Earthworks and Human Landscape at Angel Mound, Indiana

March 21 - Michael Prentice: Antarctica Underground: New Views of the Shallow Subsurface in the McMurdo Dry Valleys and Implications for Antarctic Ice Sheet Sensitivity during the Last Glacial Cycle

March 28 – Jared Kluesner: Geologic and Hydrologic Role of Sill Intrusions in the Gulf of California

April 4 – Susan Goldstein: Propagule transport as a key method of dispersal in benthic foraminifera (Protista)

April 11 – Scott Ishman: Antarctica: Bellwether for Global Change

April 18 – Kevin Sutterer: Forensic Geology for Civil Engineering Works


Department of Earth and Environmental Systems