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MattBlyUndergrad takes advantage of Indiana State's Opportunities
August 31, 2015

In his first year at Indiana State University, Matt Bly, now a sophomore earth and environmental science major from Towanda, Ill., has built a resume that would compete with most upperclassmen. Full Story

May%2026%2C%20201505-26-2015%20Mobile%20From fossils to Rainbow Fish: PhD grad teaches kindergartners about the ocean
June 10, 2015

"You guys obviously know a lot about the beach, right?" Ashley Burkett asked Hannah Mickelson's kindergarten class at Terre Haute's DeVaney Elementary School. "So how do you think we go out into the oceans and study those? What do you think we would do?"  Full Story

IMG_7512-XL.jpgPaleoceanography pioneer meets academic progeny at Indiana State
April 24, 2015

Like many higher education institutions, Indiana State University offers a seemingly revolving door of visiting experts from which students and the public can learn. A recent earth and environmental systems scholar, however, is notable for both his renowned expertise and "familial" connection to the university. Full story

December%2009%2C%202014%20Tony%20RathburSouth American scholar gets assistance from Indiana State researchers
January 7, 2015

Indiana might not be the first place one would think of to conduct oceanographic research, but for South American doctoral student Jorge Cardich, who has his choice of institutions worldwide, Indiana State University is the perfect spot. Full story

Researchers discover scientific surprise studying underwater methane seeps
January 5, 2015

Methane seeps -- ever heard of them? Full story


i-wFmjtRq-XL.jpgSycamores take to the seas for hands-on learning
November 18, 2014

Three Indiana State University students -- one of whom is a first-semester freshman -- jetted to San Diego recently to get an up-close look at oceanographic research and specimen collection from some of the world's experts. Full story

ngsa-conference-research.jpgIndiana State students present research at international conference
November 14, 2014

About a dozen Indiana State University students and faculty traveled to Vancouver, British Columbia, recently to attend and present research at the National Geological Society of America Conference. Full story

i-R7CKGZC-X2.jpgProfessors developing pilot program to teach teachers, students about oceanography
May 2, 2014

Indiana State University science professors are taking a page from moms who puree vegetables and mix the nutrition -- undetected -- into tasty dishes for their children. Only instead of vegetables, it's physics, chemistry and biology served in the form of marine science. Full Story

Fish & Frogs: The Science Building's Most Colorful Residents (Educational Outreach YouTube video)
Feb 4, 2014

The aquarium in the Science Building features a colorful collection of fish, while the terrarium houses blue, green and yellow dart frogs. But if you take the time to study the tanks closely, you will discover a collection of other, less striking creatures that call the tank home. And keep in mind that when you look.  YouTube Video

Undergrads in Research in I.S.U. View book. 2014. (Scroll to Page 79).


09_10_13_dart_frogs-9436-L.jpgMiniature worlds: Poison dart frogs find home at ISU
October 1, 2013

In the midst of Indiana State University students rushing to environmental science class and professors teaching physics laws sits two small worlds of fish and frogs. Full Story

sbip_1-L.jpgTectonic shift: Class changes life for alumnus
September 25, 2013

One class can change a life.  Full story

Seizing Chances VideoSeizing Chances  YouTube Video
April 26, 2013

Ashley Burkett worked with international scientists as part of the Integrated Ocean Drilling Program team investigating the collision of two tectonic plates.  View Video

29.Zodiac1-L.jpgOpportunity knocks: Doctoral student conducts research with international scientists
March 21, 2013

For seven weeks, Ashley Burkett lived and worked on a floating laboratory far above where two tectonic plates collide under the Pacific Ocean.  Full story


Shaken, Earthquake Simulator  YouTube Video
December 2012.

ISU students and Terre Haute community members experienced different strengths of earthquakes thanks to a campus visit by the Earthquake Cottage sponsored in part by EES. View Video

Student wins top award at research conference
April 26, 2012

As judges at the Crossroads Geological Conference announced the winner of the outstanding undergraduate poster category, Brendan Paddack didn't expect to hear his name. Full story

Peruvian student conducts research at ISU
March 19, 2012

Jorge Cardich's first day in the United States happened to be the same day as one of the most celebrated sporting events in the United States - the Super Bowl. Full story

Methane seep research


Brendan Paddack participates on Student research/training cruise off San Diego. Ocean, RV Sproul Serve as USD’s Science ‘Classroom’
September 19, 2011

University of San Diego Professors Ron Kaufmann, Sarah Gray and Drew Talley firmly believe their students in marine science, environmental studies and affiliated science courses should always take advantage of all academic opportunities in San Diego. That’s especially true when there’s easy access to the Pacific Ocean. Full story

New York Times Blog Video Tour of R.V. Atlantis And Interview with Ashley Burkett. YouTube Video
September 9, 2011

A Tour of Atlantis.  View Video

New York Times Blog.
September 2011

Research at Hydrate Ridge Off Oregon Coast Attracts The Eye of a New York Times Blogger, Click Links to Read Blogs!

  1. Return To Hydrate Ridge
  2. A Graveyard Shift in Mission Control
  3. Close Encounters with Deep-Sea Samples
  4. Battle of the Subs: Alvin vs. Jason

Oceanographic Research  YouTube Video
August 26

Say the word "cruise" and most people imagine sailing across calm, scenic waters in a luxurious ship, but when this professor asks, students prepare for a whole different experience.  View Video

Cruising: Students conduct research in Pacific
August 11, 2011

Four years ago, Darin Lang made a phone call that set him on a path he didn't know existed. Full story

Student, professor conduct research off Australia
June 6, 2011

As far back as she can remember, Ashley Burkett dreamed of seeing the Land Down Under. Full Story


Student swims with whale sharks, finds possible career
October 1, 2010

While Darin Lang is walking around the Indiana State University campus, a whale shark named Darin is swimming somewhere in the oceans of the world. Full story

Oceanography at ISU YouTube Video
September 28, 2010

Students in landlocked Indiana regularly take to the high seas through ISU's oceanographic program. View Video

0.144 Leagues Under the Sea New York Times Blog about ISU collaborative research cruise.
August 9, 2010

Saturday night, long after the sun had gone down but long before the day’s final sample had been processed, I wandered out to Atlantis’s bow with a steaming mug of peppermint tea. Hearing the waves lap against the boat, feeling the salty breeze and looking into the expansive blackness, I tried to savor the moment, anticipating the fact that on Sunday, I’d make my first dive on Alvin. Full story

ISU students' blog about their travels to the bottom of the ocean.
August 2010

Descending into the Ocean Depths. Full story

Senior invited to present research in Washington D.C.
April 21, 2010

An Indiana State University senior presented his oceanographic research during the Council of Undergraduate Research's "Posters on the Hill" reception. Full story

San Diego TV spot ABC 10 News KGTV about the Chilean earthquake research cruise that Jared Kluesner participated on.

No longer available

Follow exciting Earthquake research and ask question of ISU alumnus, Jared Klusner, currently conducting seafloor research that examines the geology of the recent Chilean earthquake.

No longer available

Students, professor explore underwater world of Costa Rica
March 31, 2010

Hands-on learning took on a new meaning when Indiana State students Ashley Burkett and Ron Taylor explored the depths of the ocean as part of a research cruise to Costa Rica. Full Story

Geology grad to research seafloor changes from Chilean earthquake
March 15, 2010

A Wabash Valley native and Indiana State University alumnus will travel to waters off the coast of Chile this week to learn more about changes in the seafloor following the Feb. 27 earthquake and tsunami. Full Story

ISU students in AntarcticaBrianwithAlvin


Ashley Burkett participates on cruise off Mexico, led by ISU alumnus Jared Kluesner
October 2009

From October 2nd-13th, 2009, a science team led by Scripps Institution of Oceanography at UC San Diego graduate student Jared Kluesner is conducting research aboard Scripps research vessel New Horizon to explore the depths of the Gulf of California. Full story

A voyage to the seafloor. YouTube Video
August 14 2009

An ISU alum sinks to new depths to encourage his students in science. View Video

Local High School teacher and ISU Student Travel 1000 Meters to the Seafloor in Alvin

  1. Brian Wrightsman's Blog from Coasta Rica
  2. Local Teacher Journeys to Seafloor, Talks to Students
  3. Venturing into the Depths: Local Science Teacher to Help Explore Ocean Floor

ISU Geology Students Are Part of the McNair Program

No longer available

ISU alumnus, Jared Kluesner, Studies the Deep Ocean Floor Off Baja

No longer available


San Diego Sproul YouTube Video
November 20

ISU students travel off the coast of San Diego on a oceanographic research expedition.  View Video

Monterey Bay Research YouTube Video
November 20

Tony Rathburn, Associate Professor of Geology, and six former and current ISU students, joined top scientists aboard the Atlantis in a research expedition off the coast of California. View Video

ISU Students Travel to Antarctica to Conduct Research in the Dark of winter

  1. Antarctic Research YouTube Video
  2. Darin Lang's Blog from Antarctica - No longer available
  3. Night and ice: ISU students conduct research in Southern Ocean, visit Antarctica

Deep Sea Research at ISU.  ISU Video

View Video


Students experience science on board ship
November 29, 2007

Darin Lang slackened the rope that played through his hands as he helped to lower a piece of water-collecting scientific equipment over a ship’s edge into the Pacific Ocean. Full story




Baja Research Cruise
October 2005

Student Blogs: Chandranath Basak and Jared Kluesner

October 3, 2005
Today we learned a great deal about slicing and sampling cores.  Warren Smith (that operates the core locker at SCRIPPS), demonstrated and taught us the various techniques used in slicing and sampling cores.  We took samples from three cores that were collected in the Venice Lagoon this past June and split them into archive and working sections.  Some of the skills that we developed were writing core descriptions, photography, and interval sampling.  We were able to finish the three long cores and pack them for shipping.  Tomorrow we will be taking overhead photography and getting ready to board the R/V Roger Revelle for the Baja cruise.  We are very excited about the cruise and the experiences that are in store.  We would like to thank Warren Smith for all of his help with this project and for teaching us so much about slicing and sampling.

October 2, 2005 
Hello friends!  We are having a cloudy evening here in San Diego with a nice cool temperature of 65 degrees.  We arrived this morning around 10:30 am and since then we have gotten a good sleep.  A short walk along the beach in the evening (no sunset due to overcast) near the SCRIPPS pier and some good food (Hand tossed La Jolla Pizza) has rejuvenated us and we are ready to work!  Tomorrow is going to be a busy day as we are to describe and sample some of the cores taken from the Venice Lagoon taken this past summer.  We will be working at the SCRIPPS core locker facility with Warren Smith.



Dr.DeDeckker's Visit to ISU
The Murray Canyons Group offshore Kangaroo Island:
The AUSCAN cruise and Australia's Grand Canyons

Professor Patrick De Deckker, Chair of the Department of Earth and Marine Sciences and Director of The Marine Quaternary Research Program at the Australian National University, gave a seminar on February 13, 2004 entitled " The Murray Canyons Group Offshore Kangaroo Island: The AUSCAN Cruise Exploring Australia's Grand Canyons". Some of these canyons are deeper than the Grand Canyon, and were mapped in detail and sampled systematically for the first time on an international 2003 research cruise. Dr. De Deckker was co-Chief Scientist for this expedition, and presented a general overview and some of his findings in a general seminar open to the public. The seminar was co-sponsored by the Department of Geography, Geology and Anthropology, Department of Life Sciences, and Sigma Xi - Wabash Valley Chapter.

In addition to presenting a seminar, Dr. De Deckker discussed current and future collaborative efforts with GGA's Paleontology/Paleoceanography Group. Dr. Tony Rathburn (Assistant Professor of Geology), Michelle Abriani (Undergraduate Senior Geology Major) and Brian Wrightsman (Undergraduate Junior Geology and Science Education double major) have been collaborating with Dr. De Deckker and an international group of scientists working on samples collected during the AUSCAN cruise.   Michelle Abriani and Brian Wrightsman, are currently working on microfauna collected by Dr. Rathburn in the spring of 2003 on the AUSCAN Cruise.  Students discussed their results with Dr. De Deckker, and Professor. De Deckker provided many valuable insights about the study area, and initial AUSCAN results from researchers around the globe (including France, Germany, and Australia). AUSCAN research results have been presented at several conferences around the globe, including presentations by Michelle and Brian at Geological Society of America Conferences.  Current plans include a collaborative research papers, and  another  Australian cruise returning to the study area to learn more about the geological and climate history of the region. 

Photos were taken by Tony Brentlinger.

DeDeckker's Seminar Feb 13, 2014  
Opening Slide
Opening Slide
Dr. DeDeckker greeting the audience
Greeting the Audience
Seminar Audience
Emphasizing an important point
Discussion of study area
Viewing tanks in the Paleo Lab
Looking at ostracodes with Michelle
discussing data from the cruise
Paleo Lab group photo


Department of Earth and Environmental Systems