Interested in becoming a major in the department? There are various advisors within the Department of Earth and Environmental Systems each willing to help you with: program requirements, course selections, internships, research and scholarship opportunities, and career objectives.  

Catalog year Fall 2018 and beyond

Anthropology Major:
Dr. Shawn Phillips

Environmental Geoscience Major:
Dr. Jennifer Latimer
Dr. Jeffery Stone

Geography and Sustainability Major:
Dr. Susan Berta

Geology Major:
Dr. Sandra Brake

Proir to catalog year Summer 2018

Earth & Environmental Sciences Major
Atmospheric and Surface Processes: Dr. Greg Bierly
Geoscience: Dr. Sandra Brake

Human & Environmental Systems Major
Anthropology: Dr. Shawn Phillips
Geography: Dr. Susan Berta
GIScience: Dr. Susan Berta

Minor Advisors:
Anrhopology: Dr. Shawn Phillips
Climatology: Dr. Greg Bierly
Earth Science: Dr. Sandra Brake
Environmental Science: Dr. Sandra Brake
Geochemistry: Dr. Sandra Brake
Geographic Information Science: Dr. Susan Berta
Geography: Dr. Susan Berta
Sustainability: Dr. Susan Berta

Department of Earth and Environmental Systems