The geoscience programs at Indiana State University prepares students for a diverse range of careers and/or entry to graduate school through an undergraduate curriculum rich with field, laboratory, and research opportunities.


Our curriculum is flexible and offers both Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Arts degrees that allow you to explore a broad range of geoscience topics to develop better observational, hypothesis testing, and critical thinking skills. Geoscience is an interdisciplinary field that draws on knowledge from many other scientific disciplines in unlimited ways.

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Our geology graduates are trained professionals employed in a diverse range of industries and government agencies to address a wide variety of environmental and resource problems to accommodate the human population.  They assist in identifying contaminated sites and water supplies, locating new mineral and energy resources, working with engineers to build safe roads, dams, and other structures, evaluating hazards associated with earthquakes, landslides, floods, and volcanic eruptions, and collecting earth-based data to evaluate climate change.  Our alumni are employed by oil companies, mining and exploration companies, environmental and engineering firms, as well as with such federal and state agencies as the U.S. Geological Survey, Environmental Protection Agency, Indiana Department of Natural Resources, and Indiana Geological Survey. 

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Geology Program Core

The geology program emphasizes laboratory and field experiences and a solid foundation in chemistry, physics, and math to prepare our students for their professional careers.  Most of our core and elective courses have a laboratory component and require field trips, including a six-week long field experience at a remote location to learn mapping and direct observation techniques. Our courses are taught by a diverse array of faculty with experience in educating students in the traditional geology disciplines as well as in such earth science-related fields as environmental geology, geochemistry, Quaternary sciences, paleoceanography, paleoecology, paleoclimatology, and geobiology.

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Geology          Dr. Jennifer latimer BS Geology


Department of Earth and Environmental Systems