Master of Science in Genetic Counseling


The need for genetic counselors is growing as genetic knowledge becomes integrated into all aspects of healthcare. We are glad you are interested in the exciting profession of genetic counseling by exploring a Master of Science in Genetic Counseling at Indiana State University. Unfortunately, we will not be accepting a cohort for the 2023 admissions cycle.  Most students in our program have an undergraduate degree in one of a variety of disciplines including biology, genetics, psychology, public health, and nursing. Our two year program offers training in all aspects of medical genetics and basic psychological counseling. We provide classroom, laboratory, and a variety of hands-on clinical experiences. Our clinical rotations include pediatric, prenatal, adult, and specialty genetics clinics such as cardiology, neurology, industry, and ophthalmology among others which allows you to customize your experience to ensure that you are prepared for the career you desire. The first year of our program is on campus and the second year consists of online courses.  This is to accomodate for the clinical rotations that require travel to multiple cities away from Terre Haute.  We accept approximately eight students per year which is small enough to allow you to get the personalized attention you may need.

Mission Statement: The mission of ISU’s MS in Genetic Counseling Program is to consistently prepare students with exceptional technical knowledge and skills in genetics, genomics, and psychological counseling that will enable them to be successful in all aspects of genetic counseling.  The program will foster an environment that helps students develop ambition for educating others and generates a passion for lifelong learning.

Our students will be able to 

.... utilize genetic expertise to meet the individual needs of clients. 

... employ psychosocial skills to facilitate culturally appropriate sessions and empower patient autonomy. 

... effectively educate clients, providers, and the community to become leaders genetics and healthcare community.

... act in accordance with the ethical, legal and philosophical principles of the genetic counseling profession

All US and Canadian Genetic Counseling Programs, including Indiana State University, participate in the Genetic Counseling Admissions Match through National Matching Services (NMS).  The GC Admissions Match has been established to enhance the process of placing applicants into positions in masters-level genetic counseling programs that are accredited by the Accreditation Council for Genetic Counseling (ACGC). The Match uses a process that takes into account both applicants’ and programs’ preferences.  All applicants must first register for the Match with NMS before applying to participating genetic counseling graduate programs. At the conclusion of all program interviews, both applicants and programs will submit ranked lists of preferred placements to NMS according to deadlines posted on the NMS website.  The binding results of the Match will be released to both applicants and programs simultaneously in late April.  More details regarding this aspect of applying will be provided sometime in September. 

Note for International Applicants: Unfortunately, in order to maintain the required 6 graduate credit hours in "face-to-face" courses, we cannot accept applicants that require an F-1 student visa at this time.  Please see our International Applicant Page for more information. 

Please visit the NMS website at ( to register for the match, review detailed information about the matching process, and to view a demonstration of how the matching algorithm works.  Applicants are encouraged to register with NMS by December 15th. 

If you would like to watch the recruitment videos created by NSGC, please click HERE.


Indiana State University Master's in Genetic Counseling program has probationary accreditation from the Accreditation Council for Genetic Counseling.
Location: 7918 Jones Branch Drive, Ste. 300, McLean, VA 22102Telephone: (703) 506 - 7667.