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Congraduations Graduates of 2019!

Courtney Asman

Courtney is from Mount Clemens, MI, and received her B.S. in Neuroscience with a minor in Latin at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. While in Ann Arbor, Courtney is now working at Promedica Hospital in a prenatal clinic.  

Nicole Kalinski

Nicole is from Chicago, IL. She majored in biology at the University of Illinois at Chicago. Now Nicole is working at Northwestern Central DuPage Hospital in a pediatric clinic.  

Kassi Brooks

Kassi is from Greencastle, Indiana. She completed her undergraduate education at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI), where she majored in Psychology and minored in Biology. Kassi is now at Beacon Memorial Hospital working in a cancer clinic.  

Katherine Ross

Kathy Ross graduated with a B.S. in Biology from California State University in Fresno, CA.  Kathy is now working at Vidant Health in a cancer clinic.  

Brooke Sample

Brooke Sample is from Menomonie, Wisconsin. She has a bachelor's degree in Genetics and History from the University of Wisconsin - Madison. Brooke is now at St. Vincent Hospital in Green Bay, WI working in a clinic that seems a variety of specialties.  

Samantha Toy

Sam Toy is from Fort Wayne, IN. She earned her undergraduate degree at Indiana University Bloomington in biology with an area of concentration in molecular genetics, and her Masters Degree in biology at Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis. She is now working at WASU St. Louis Children's Hospital specializing in cancer. 

Inaugural graduates of 2018

Caroline Estes

Caroline is from Madison, IN and graduated with a BS from Indiana University in Bloomington majoring in Biology and Sociology.  She is now working at Peyton Manning Children's Hospital specializing in pediatrics.  


Miranda Ruben

Miranda is from Trempealeau, WI and graduated with a BS from Beloit College majoring in Healthy and Society.  She is now working at Gundersen Healthcare Ssystem specializing in a variety of specialties including prenatal, pediatrics, and oncology.  


Caitlyn Ricks

Caitlyn is from Lakeland, Fl and graduated witha BS from the University of Evansville majoring in Biology. She is now working at Deaconess Women's Hospital specializing in prenatal.  


Trisha Neidlinger

Trisha is from Plymouth, IN and she graduated with a BS from Dominican University majoring in biochemistry.  She is now working at IUHealth specializing in pediatrics.


Kyra Firestone

Kyra hails from Santa Cruz, CA and she graduated with a BS from University of California at Santa Cruz majoring in Molecular, Cell and Developmental Biology.  She is now working at Integrated Genetics specializing in prenatal.  


Jessica Cabotaje

Jessica hails from Anaheim, CA and she graduated with a BS from University of California in San Diego majoring in bioengineering. She is now working at the Genetics Center specializing in pediatrics.  


Adam Stucke

Adam is from Lynchburg and graduated with a BS from Virginia Tech majoring in biology.  He is now working at Henrico Doctor's Hospital specializing in cancer.