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GS 499 Information

GS 499

GS 499 is a capstone course for the General Studies degree taken in the final semester.   It is offered each Fall, Spring, and Summer as an online course in which the student will work with the instructor to develop a culminating research project or paper.  The independent project should integrate topics related the the minor(s) used to complete the General Studies degree requirements as well as the student's goals for future study or career plans.    

Permission to register for GS 499 is required.    Your General Studies advisor must confirm that all other courses required for graduation are scheduled and a graduation application for the correct term has been submitted.   If GS 499 is only remaining requirement needed on the mySAM worksheet, an override will be processed allowing you to register for GS 499.    Once the override is processed, you will recieve an automated email with instructions and course numbers needed for registration.