Career Development in History Award

Department of History
Indiana State University

The Career Development in History Fund will be used to support undergraduate students in good academic standing seeking experiences or training prior to graduation likely to facilitate progress toward their career goals (e.g. internships, conferences, training in new technologies, intensive language study, travel, etc.). Any History, African and African American Studies, or Social Studies Education major or minor may submit a proposal. The departmental Assessment Committee will vet the proposals and present its recommendations to the Department for approval. The number of awards will be determined based on available funds, with a maximum payout per student of $2000. Awards will be distributed on a reimbursement basis at the completion of proposal-related activities.

Successful applications will be carefully researched, focused, and clearly written. The following guidance can help you understand how to write a successful application, which should include a description and justification of the proposed experiences (up to 1000 words), accompanied by an itemized budget detailing all relevant costs. A committee of faculty will review the applications, and select the best ones. Here are some things they will be looking for:

What is your career goal? Briefly explain your career goal(s), not just your goals for your initial job.
What exactly will you do with the funds, if you get them? Propose one activity and develop that well.
Explain the direct (or indirect) links between your proposed activity and an increased likeliness that you will achieve your career goal.
Are you prepared, both academically and with any other training or expertise, to take advantage of the opportunities you will get from this grant? Explain background that we may not know. For example, if you are proposing to learn a new language, do you have training in other languages, meaning it is more likely you can learn a new language more easily? Or, if you are proposing to work in a museum, have you worked in a similar setting before? If your preparation is more general, explain any connections you perceive.
Have you chosen a high quality program or experience? Explain how you know that you have.
What connections have you already made with the people you might work with or the programs you are interested in? Can you demonstrate that you qualify for or will be accepted to do this activity? If you can’t get assurance in advance, what will be the criteria for acceptance, and how closely do you fit those?
What are the full costs of participating in this activity, and what is the plan for meeting those costs? An itemized budget will be very helpful to committee members.
What is the timeline for applying for/being accepted to any program you are interested in? Are there other time constraints to your participation?
What is your itinerary, from start to finish?

Available on the ISU Office of Scholarship’s “Branch” site (, with an annual deadline of March 1.