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History Undergraduate Studies

Why Study History at ISU?

At Indiana State University, you'll find small classes with professors to whom you'll always be a person, not just an ID number. Here at ISU, we try to help you learn skills you will need to make a success out of your college years. We welcome opportunities to work with you individually. Finally, but most importantly, we know that learning should be exciting and we try to make it that way for you. 

ISU Students in HIST 113

We offer a wide variety of courses: 

  • United States history
  • Latin-American history
  • African-American history
  • Middle East and Islamic history
  • Women's history
  • European history
  • African history
  • Asian history

Completing the Major or Minor in History

The History major is a 42 credit program.  Students receive training in History as a field of study and complete extensive coursework in American, European, and World History.  

The History minor is a 21 credit program that combines coursework in historical methodology with two survey courses and twelve upper-division electives.

What Career Opportunities are Available in History?

A major in history provides excellent training in the skills you will need in many walks of life. You may wonder how writing papers about ancient Egypt can help you get a job in today's high-tech world. The fact is that some big business corporations actually prefer to hire history and other liberal arts graduates for management positions. Why? Because liberal arts majors learn intellectual and communication skills which can be applied to business. It is true that for certain careers, you will need further education above the bachelor's degree. In some cases, this might just be a course for two years, or (if you want to be a university professor) you might need a doctoral degree. In any case, the history major gives you a sound background for careers as varied as law, journalism, business, teaching, government service, writing, librarianship, publishing, historical research, public history, or museum work.

What Options are Offered by the History Department?

Besides the history major, we offer a public and applied history concentration, a history minor, and a history writing minor. We also actively cooperate with other departments in offering cross listed courses in African and African American studies, humanities, political science, woman's studies and Latin American/Latino studies.

Write for an application for admission or more information about scholarship opportunities to: 

Office of Admissions
Indiana State University
Terre Haute, Indiana 47809.