New Year, New Equipment

Wednesday, August 29, 2018 - 09:27

Indiana State University's student media team earned a well deserved upgrade.

The Summer was spent unpacking boxes full of new equipment and technology.

The old production suite was completely renovated, and now houses rows of computers and equipment.

"We worked with like the standard definition. And now to get this high definition equipment, it's really just you know awesome to have," said Sports Director and Senior Mathew Lester.

New equipment includes sound boards, graphics stations, wall screens, teleprompters, cameras, and Lester's favorite, "Our little IFB's that we have. Uh, some people may know what it is. But you know for people who work in the studio they know that it's the little earpiece".

Fellow Sycamore Video Officer Katie Higginbotham says this program upgrade is going to do a lot for future students, "The technology is amazing and it's an incredible opportunity to learn things that can help you for the future and in your future career".

The studio may look brand new, and the technology may become confusing at times, but the heart of all Sycamore Journalist's is still the same.

"I believe in the power of news. And I think that our campus has lots of incredible things going on, lots of new things. And it's our job to share that story," said Higginbotham.

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