Transfer students step up to work for ESPN

Monday, October 21, 2019 - 22:17

Matthew Coutu isn’t a stranger to the university experience - ISU is the third college he’s attended.

“I transferred from IU. It was too big,” Coutu said. “I like it more here. I went to a smaller university before IU and I really missed the smaller sense of community. ISU provided that.”

Before IU, Coutu attended a community college in Atlanta, where he’s from. He said everyone is so welcoming and the campus is so homey that it reminds him of Georgia.


“I love how easygoing everyone is here. … I felt comfortable from the moment I was here,” Coutu said.

Coutu has also enjoyed how easy it is to get involved at ISU, and said his involvement in extracurricular activities has helped make his transition to State much easier.

Coutu, a junior Communication major with a concentration in Media Studies is one of many transfer students getting involved with ISU Student Media at the Indiana State Sports Network; he works alongside Mason Stunick, a transfer from Ball State, and Justin Cole, a transfer from Vincennes. Through ISSN, they produce content for ESPN

Cole, a junior Communication major from Gary Ind. concentrating in Media Studies, transferred to Indiana State so he would be able to get a bachelor’s degree; he was also drawn in by the opportunity to work with ESPN.

“The program is really fun,” Cole said. I’ve enjoyed it the past few weeks. It’s one of my favorite jobs I’ve ever had.”

Cole and Coutu remarked on how easy it was to join ISSN, and all three have already gotten to be heavily involved in game-day responsibilities.

“They’ve come in and been able to jump right in, and it’s like they’ve been there the entire time,” Sports Video Manager Michael Winstead said. “They just gel well with the team. They always ask what they can do to help.”

 The transfers have felt right at home with their new Student Media family, and enjoy the opportunity to gain so much hands-on experience right off the bat.

“I loved it,” Coutu said. “At other schools I’ve been at, you’re often not allowed to have as much hands-on experience so early on. Oftentimes you have to wait until you’re older. Here, you’re allowed to just jump right in. It means a lot that we’re allowed to work with the equipment in your free time.”

Outside of Student Media, the transfer process itself has gone smoothly for Coutu and Cole, who both said they were impressed by how easy it is to find the solution to a problem at Indiana State.

“There were a couple of rough patches, but if I call and ask questions, they’re very good at giving exact answers. Even the rough patches are an easy fix,” Cole said.

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