Unique Partnerships in the Least Expected Places

Wednesday, November 13, 2019 - 16:36

Unique partnerships will present themselves when and where you least expect them, often based on relationships you’ve built with people whom you’ve made it a point to get to know in your rec center. Those of us who work out at the rec center in the 6 a.m. time frame are not a huge group, so I’ve tried to get to know who they are. One of those members is faculty member Dr. Ann Rider, the chair of languages, literatures and linguistics.

Dr. Lindsey Eberman, the program director for the doctorate in athletic training (DAT), talks about how the project came about that encompassed the departments of applied medicine and rehabilitation, applied health sciences, campus recreation, and languages, literatures and linguistics: “DAT is the first and only accredited post-professional athletic training program in the country. Our students come to Indiana State University (ISU) to advance their knowledge and become leaders in the profession of athletic training. They are currently practicing, licensed and certified athletic trainers working around the country. The collaboration came about as Dr. Scott Sterling and I were discussing his area of expertise in linguistics and a recent project I was working on regarding language barriers in patient care. I reached out to Dr. Sterling and Dr. Rider in the late spring to discuss the possibility of engaging in an experiential learning opportunity that would allow my students to focus on communicating with migrant farmers with the aim of reducing work-related injuries, and for their students to aid in translation and providing advice and consultation on communicating with Spanish speakers at the migrant farm.”

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