College of Arts and Sciences Scholars recognized for the lifetime impact of their research

Sunday, December 13, 2020 - 23:45

Congratulations to Qihao Weng (Earth and Environmental Systems), Eric Glendening (Chemistry and Physics), and Steve Lima (Biology). A study by a group of Stanford-based scholars has ranked their lifetime impact on their respective fields of Geological & Geomatics Engineering, Chemical Physics, Ecology in the top 2% of most-cited scientists worldwide in 22 major disciplines and 176 subfields. Dr. Weng was ranked 11th (out of 48166 scholars), Dr. Glendening 1223 (out of 73903 scholars) and Dr. Lima 52nd (out of 44176 scholars).

Chris Olsen, Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, praised the trio:  “We are certainly proud to have scholars like Profs. Lima, Weng, and Glendening in the College, working with our students and also having an impact around the world. These are truly amazing careers, and they aren’t done yet! I’m also proud that they all work so extensively with undergraduate students—access to world-class faculty and facilities is a hallmark of our ISU experience, from the first day you step on campus. It’s just such a privilege to have so many scholars like this in the College of Arts and Sciences.”

The College of Arts and Sciences its appreciation for the lifetime of dedication to research and disseminating that research in addition to their hard work as educators.

The study can be found in the open access journal PLOS (The Public Library of Science) Biology. (

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