Decatur City Appoints New Interim Police Chief

Sunday, August 8, 2021 - 08:47

Decatur, Illinois (WAND)-Decata’s current Deputy Police Chief, Schoen Brandel, has been appointed by the city as the latest interim police chief.


Brandel will begin his duties as Interim Police Secretary on July 30, as Secretary James Getz will retire at the end of the month.

Brandel has been a member of the Decatur Police Department for over 24 years. Like Chief Getz before him, Brandel started as a patrol officer and moved up the ranks of the division. He is familiar with all the operations and functions of the department.

“Shane brings a wide range of local knowledge and extensive law enforcement experience to this job. He is confident that he is ready for this new mission. He will take on this job at such an important time. Thank you for agreeing. I also look forward to Shane joining the city’s senior management team and working closely with him in planning and evaluating future courses for Decatur Police. I am doing it. “


“Chief Jim Getz is a perfect law enforcement expert and I hope he stayed in the chief’s job for a few more years. He will be hard to replace, but Jim. I am also grateful for how he worked on a cautious succession plan, and that he prepared the team for this situation. “


Brandel, 46, holds a bachelor’s degree in law enforcement and judicial administration from West Illinois University and a master’s degree in criminal justice and criminology from Indiana State University.


He is also a Northwestern University police officer and command graduate.


Brandel is currently one of two Deputy Police Chiefs in the Decatur Police Department’s chain of command.

Prime Minister Getz and Deputy Prime Minister Brandel have been working closely together for many years, and they expect a seamless transfer of management at the end of July.

The “provisional chief” nomination will be used for several months before Brandel settles on his new mission.

Brandel will be a permanent candidate for police chief.

“I am excited to be ready to embark on this important leadership position and bring new and innovative ways to provide quality law enforcement and safety services to our community in this turbulent era. I believe we can do it. “

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