Amy in Spain

Amelia Philips-Lucas [B.A., Spanish Teaching] was awarded last July the 'Best of the Best' award for outstanding work as a Bilingual Eligibility Specialist for the State of Indiana.  Amelia assists people who are less fortunate, as well as helping migrant workers, refugees and many other people. Amelia helps them get access to appropriate public assistance programs that are under the Family and Social Services Administration. 

Prior to working in this capacity, she taught Spanish levels I-IV for four years at the high school level. She also taught English Language Arts for a year.  As a teacher she went above and beyond to support her students, despite having others tell her that she was teaching too hard, wasting her time, and that Spanish was not as important as other disciplines.  She finally decided to change professions.  Of her new profession she says, “I truly enjoy this field of work. It is educating in a different manner, while still using my language skills.”  Although she misses teaching, she regularly tutors students in Spanish during the school year.