Professional Careers

There are many professional applications for a Language Studies degree.  A few of them that we'll showcase here include:

Loc and Translate

Localization Expert

Beyond just translating, Localization Experts help adapt a company's messaging and branding to local norms and customs when entering a new country.  Localization work involves presenting information in a way that's approachable to locals, while also considering color usage, layout preferences, and cultural practices.  A Localization Expert combines their knowledge of a language and its speakers to create targeted, meaningful content.


User Experience

User Experience Researcher

Professionals in this field conduct surveys and analysis of webpage designs.  Is a website providing the information the user is trying to find?  Is the site presented in an understandable and usable way?  This work often combines with ethnography and localization - seeking to understand the culture and needs of a website's target audience in order to provide them with an ideal online experience.

Language Services

Translator and Patient Advocate

In the medical field there is a strong need for bilingual language speakers to mediate the needs of patients with doctors and hospital staff.  Patient advocates assist in bridging language gaps between patients and other medical personnel by explaining recommendations, as well as serving as a voice for the patient to express their concerns.