Give Now  

The Department of Languages, Literatures and Linguistics is a vibrant place! You can keep it so by giving to the areas that matter to you most. Here’s where your gift might go:

  • Scholarships The Department has an array of endowed scholarships available. However, many provide very small awards. More substantial awards for French, Spanish, Latin, Less Commonly Taught Languages, and Linguistics would benefit students.
  • Study Abroad Our degree program requires students to study abroad for at least 6 weeks. Every student needs the extra support to make study abroad a reality. If you are an alum, you know just how important that experience is.
  • Internships We are building our internships for students. Most recently, we partnered with Southern Indiana Education Center for our students to teach English to adult migrant workers at the Melon Acres Farm in … Indiana (see State Magazine Winter 2019). Most internships are unpaid, yet students have costs (especially gas money) to participate.
  • Lingua Franca House New in fall 2019 is a dedicated floor in Cromwell Hall for students of languages. Funding for Lingua Franca House will support student activities on the floor. Our long-term goal is to purchase an old fraternity house and open a language house that would allow our students to experience true immersion and a living/learning community dedicated to languages and cultures.
  • Guest speakers Each year the department brings a guest speaker to talk to students about preparing for careers in languages, linguistics, and culture. It is important for our students to hear from professionals, but such events cost the department money for transportation. Perhaps you will be out next guest speaker!