Graduate Certificate in TESL/TEFL

The courses for the Certificate are available on-line during the Summer semester.  Students wishing to complete the Certificate must apply for and be accepted into the Certificate Program. 

NB: If you already have an Indiana teaching license, you can add the ENL/ELL licensure by completing our Graduate Certificate in TESL/TEFL and the English Learners Core Content exam. Licensure will be for the level of your original license. 

Course Requirements

LING 601: English Syntax - 3 hrs. 
LING 520: Language Acquisition - 3 hrs. 
LING 613: Teaching English as a Second Language - 3 hrs. 
One Elective chosen from LING 513, LING 514, LING 515, LING 517, LING 621, and LING 792 - 3 hrs.

The Certificate can be earned during another graduate program by taking one of the courses each semester for 2 years, or it can be completed in 1 year by taking two courses each semester. These courses are also usually available online during the summer.

Applied Experience Requirement

This requirement is fulfilled by doing one of the following:

  1. 2 years study (or equivalent fluency) of a language that is not the student's native language
  2. Experience living in a culture that is not the student's native culture (3 months minimum)
  3. ESL/EFL teaching or cross-cultural experience (3 months minimum)
  4. Must provide official documentation (i.e. letter from principal)

To Apply

Students should complete all of the steps required for admission to the Graduate Program, which includes:

  • a personal statement
  • a resume or curriculum vita
  • official transcripts
  • the names and contact information for 3 references

These materials must be submitted to the Graduate Program application portal for consideration.