Bridget Alexander

What is the LLL program to you/for you?

The LLL program helped me figure out what it is I am best at, learning languages.  I came to ISU not knowing exactly what I wanted to major in.  It took me a while to realize it but, I noticed I enjoyed my minor classes much more than my major classes and quickly changed.  Once I did, I changed my minor to my major was welcomed into the program with open arms.  It was a warm and welcoming community who embraced different cultures as I do.

What was your best experience with the LLL program?

My best experience with the program would have to have been taking linguistics classes with Dr. Jose.  The first linguistics class I took with Dr. Jose was a fieldwork class.  I had no idea how to conduct fieldwork at the time and was very nervous.  But, Dr. Jose convinced me to stay in the class and I’m glad I did.  After that semester, I took all my linguistic classes with Brian.  It may not have seemed so but, every class was interesting and I would always leave the class having learned something new on the topic we touched on in class.

How have you benefited from the LLL program?

The LLL program has expanded my cultural awareness as person.  I thought I was pretty open-minded before coming into the program.  When in reality, I was only knowledgeable to the few cultures I grew up around.  The LLL program exposed to me to various other cultures and expanded my world views.

Why/How would the LLL program be great for future students?

I would recommend the program for a few reasons.  One, the faculty in the program are very welcoming and always encourage students to strive for the best both academically and in learning about different cultures.  Secondly, I believe the program does a great job of introducing different cultures and giving students the opportunity to interact with them.  Each language taught within the program holds some sort of event that allows students to use their target language and learn through cultural activities.  

Sydney Dickerson

What is the LLL program to you/for you?

While the LLL program isn't the fanciest or biggest department in the university, it feels like home to me. It was there that I attended my first, scary university classes freshman year, and it was there that I confidently wrote my final thesis senior year. During four years, I formed a lot of relationships with other students as well as with professors, and I love knowing that I have a network of people rooting for my success to fall back on. I owe a lot of my development and success to the people working in that department, and I'll always be grateful for that!

What was your best experience with the LLL program?

My best experience in the LLL program would have to be the time that I spent working as a Spanish and ESL tutor in the Language Learning Lab. Not only was it the ideal job for me to have while studying as a language major, but it also led me to some pretty awesome friendships. It gave me the opportunity to get to know on a personal level people and perspectives from all over the world.

How have you benefited from the LLL program?

Being apart of the LLL program played a huge role in my development as a language learner and as a student of culture. The content of my courses and the instructors that taught them were instrumental in my finally being able to speak and understand the Spanish language and culture at an advanced level. Equally important, however, is the support that the department has offered me as a whole. I never hesitate to come to my professors and advisers in the department with questions or concerns because I know that they will always be happy to see me and willing to help.

Why/How would the LLL program be great for future students?

I believe that the LLL program would be great for future students who are looking for to develop their language and cultural skills in a moderately-sized, highly supportive setting.

Rileigh Roberson

What is the LLL program for you/to you?

The LLL program is where my major is located. I am a Language Studies major, so for me, the LLL program provides knowledge in my L2 (Spanish) and it teaches me about language and language learning in general.

What has been your best experience so far in the LLL program?

So far my greatest experience in the LLL program has been my study abroad experience. Without my involvement in the LLL program I would not have taken advantage of that opportunity.

How have you benefited from the program?

Like we talk about in LLL 400, language studies and the linguistic department has allowed me to cultivate skills in leadership and learning in ways that I feel other students don't have. I feel as though my brain has been trained to handle situations in a certain way and I believe my involvement in the program will make me more marketable in the future.

What would you suggest for future students?

I would tell future students that they should take the opportunity to research the programs offered through the LLL department. There are so many amazing opportunities someone can have and a diverse group of people they can meet in the program. 


Sean C Brink (B.A. Language Studies/Latin) graduated in Spring 2016 and now attends graduate school at Indiana University. He is currently studying for an M.A. in Classical Studies at IU and teaches freshman-level courses in the Classics Department, including Latin.

Reagan Dewell (B.A. Language Studies) graduated in Spring 2017 and now teaches ESL at the Ube Gaigo Center in Yamaguchi, Japan.