English as a Second Language Minor

This minor alone does not fulfill requirements for Indiana licensure but will do so if combined with an approved teacher education major program.

Required courses:

LING 210 - Introduction to Linguistics-- 3 hrs
LING 311 - Linguistic Analysis of English--3 hrs
LING 316 - Introduction to Teaching English as a Second Language--3 hrs
LING 420 - Language Acquisition--3 hrs

Choose one from the following:

  • LING 411 - Evolving English-- 3 hrs
  • LING 413 - Linguistic Diversity in the United States-- 3 hrs; LING 425 (effective Fall 2022) - 3 hrs
  • LING 414 - Lexicology: Word Form and Function-- 3 hrs
  • LING 415 - Topics in Sociolinguistics-- 3 hrs


Students with a completed undergraduate degree seeking to add Teaching English as a Second Language, English as a New Language to an existing license should choose the graduate Teaching English as a Second Language Certificate Program.