The Language Studies Teaching major allows students to choose between two concentrations: Spanish or World Languages (French, German, Latin).  Each concentration consists of 40 hours of course work in Language Studies and a Professional Education Sequence (30 hours).

Please note: A student who does not test into at least 201 as a freshmen is not likely to complete the Language Studies Teaching curriculum in Spanish or World Languages within 4 years.

Required Course Work of all Concentrations

LLL 200 Intro to the Study of Languages and Cultures—3 hrs

LLL 402 Teaching an Integrated Unit—1 hr;

LLL 490 Language Teaching Methods--3 hrs. or LING 316 Introduction to Teaching English as a Second Language—3 hrs.       

LING 420 Language Acquisition—3 hrs;

Other Requirements

Approved study abroad (min. 6 hrs. and 6 weeks)

ACTFL Oral Proficiency Interview (OPI) required prior to graduation, when one exists for the primary language area.             

Min. 2.75 gpa in all Language Studies course work


Languages Studies Teaching Spanish Concentration

9—hrs. 200-level or above

  • 201 3-hrs. 
  • 202 3 hrs.

 301 Advanced Grammar—3hrs.

 303 Readings in Spanish—3hrs

 321 Advanced Spanish Conversation—3hrs.                       

Literature—3 hrs.

  • SPAN 312a Introduction to Spanish Literature

Culture –6 hrs.

  • SPAN 311 Introduction to Spanish and Spanish American Culture
  • and SPAN 406 Contemporary Spanish Culture

300/400 level directed elective—3 hrs. SPAN 404 Spanish Phonetics                     


Languages Studies Teaching World Languages Concentration

9—hrs. 200-level or above

•           201 3-hrs.

•           202 3 hrs.                       

 21 credit hours of language study course work in a single language, including 3 hrs advanced grammar, 6 hrs culture, 3 hrs. literatures and 3 hrs advanced conversation.


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