Through the Language Studies program, you have the option to pursue French, German, Japanese, Latin, Linguistics, Spanish, Teaching English as a Second Language, or any combination of these or other languages offered by the department (when available: Ancient Greek, Arabic, Chinese, or Italian). For particular course offerings, see the Undergraduate Catalog or the Graduate Catalog. For an indication of how often specific courses are offered, consult the Dynamic Schedule of Courses, which includes the option of viewing past semesters.

We offer degree programs that are unique in the country: Language Studies.

Our students are life-long learners of language with unique needs and interests.  The Language Studies undergraduate program is flexible enough for students to focus on one language, several languages at once, or to focus on the nature of language through linguistics.  Some students want advanced mastery of a language and some expect to use their language and cultural skills in combination with another degree program.  The Language Studies program allows students to create a program that meets their needs.

We require students who major in Language Studies to study abroad.  Why?

Immersion in the area where people speak the language will improve your language skills, deepen your cultural understanding, and allow you to apply the skills of intercultural competency that you have built with us.  We have a wide array of study abroad programs and financial support.

What special opportunities are available in the department?

Field work with linguists, internships in elementary schools, translation practice through community partnerships, tutoring services, student groups, special cultural events, honorary societies.  Check out our social media to see what our students are doing.

What can you do with a Language Studies degree?

Any profession you choose, anywhere you go, your language and cultural skills will put you above the rest.  Careers with language and culture skills are among the top 10 growing career choices in the country.  Check out the Alumni page to see what our former students are doing.

What programs are offered?

  • Language Studies major
  • Language Studies-Teaching major
  • Language Studies Certificate
  • Language Studies minor
  • ESL (Teaching English as a Second Language) minor
  • TESL Certificate

I am ready to declare the major or minor.  What should I do?

  • If you haven’t already done so, take the placement exam in each language you wish to study.  The placement test is on-line, and can be taken from any computer.  See the University Testing office web page.
  • Meet with a department of Languages, Literatures and Linguistics advisor.  They will explain the program and help you choose the right courses immediately.  Contact us for an appointment at:
  • Declare the major or minor with the College of Arts and Sciences.  Go to the CAS Student Academic Affairs web site and choose Degree Plan Changes.