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ICTM State Math Exam

What is ICTM

“The Indiana Council of Teachers of Mathematics (ICTM) is a statewide organization concerned with and working for the interests of mathematics educators and mathematics education. The membership including the ICTM Board of Directors, includes teachers from all levels and from all parts of the state. The activities of the council are many and varied, as are the benefits to be derived from membership and participation.” (ICTM, 2019)

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Exams: Pre-Algebra, Algebra I/ Integrated Math I; Geometry/Integrated Math II; Algebra II/Integrated Math III; Comprehensive

From the Indiana Council of Teachers in Mathematics website

ICTM is dedicated to supporting Indiana public and private school teachers. ONLY public or private school teachers or principals may register students. Parents may NOT register students. Participation on the part of any interested student is encouraged; there is no limit to the number of participants from any school. A participant may take only one test each year.

  • Participants in the Pre-Algebra category may be elementary, middle/junior or high school students who have not yet enrolled in Algebra I/Integrated Math I;
  • Students who are enrolled in either an Algebra First Course or Integrated Math first course will register for the Algebra I/ Integrated Math I test;
  • Students enrolled in Geometry or Integrated Math II will register for the Geometry/Integrated Math II test; and,
  • Students enrolled in either Algebra Second Course or Integrated Math III will register for the Algebra II/Integrated Math III test.

Students can participate only one time in each of the Algebra I First Course/Integrated Math I, Geometry/Integrated Math II, or Algebra II/Integrated Math III categories. Students can participate in the Pre-Algebra and Comprehensive categories more than once.

Registration, Certification and Fees There is a non-refundable $7 participant fee for each student. Checks to be made payable to ICTM. Indiana Council of Teachers of Mathematics REGISTRATION SITE :