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Summer Math Refresher

2020 Summer Math Refresher



About the Summer Refresher Program

The summer math refresher program is open to any student enrolled at Indiana State University in the upcoming academic year. It was designed to benefit students that plan to take Math 035 (Fundamentals of Algebra II), Math 105 (Quantitative Reasoning in Business), Math 115 (College Algebra), Math 123 (Analytic Geometry and Trigonometry), Math 129 (Fundamentals and Applications of Calculus), Math 241 (Principles of Statistics), Math 131 (Calculus I), or Math 132 (Calculus II) but may have deficiencies in skills necessary to succeed in that Math class.

The student will also be eligible to retake the Maple TA placement test at a designated proctored location. Refresher courses run as virtual Canvas programs. There will be a calendar of topics given, but students are welcome to set their own timetable. Tutors will also be available through Blackboard and on campus at scheduled times.


Registration Information and Course Dates

Summer 2023 Registration Dates: Closes at the course start date 

Summer 2023 Course Dates: July 3, 2023 through August 4, 2023

Cost to students is $60, with scholarships available for Project Success students. Students are required to supply their ISU email at registration when registering as a "new student" on the software in order to be added to the appropriate Canvas course.

Please visit the Registration and Payment website to register for the summer refresher. Be sure to register as a "new student"  with the appropriate ISU email.


Course Descriptions

There are two summer refresher course options available.

Summer Algebra Refresher

The Summer Algebra Refresher is a review of basic Algebra skills that are prerequisite for College Algebra or Statistics classes (MATH 102, MATH 105, MATH 115, MATH 241). No part of those classes are covered.

Topics will include:

  • Algebra Basics
  • Expressions, Equations, & Inequalities
  • Polynomials & Factoring
  • Rational Expressions & Complex Numbers

Summer PreCalculus Refresher

The Summer PreCalculus Refresher is a review of Algebra & Trigonometry that are prerequisite for advanced Algebra or Calculus classes. No part of those classes are covered.

Topics will include:

  • Algebraic Functions
  • The Basics of Trigonometry including the Unit Circle
  • Trigonometric Graphs
  • Trigonometric Formulas & Identities