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Ghada Alhalasa

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MFA Graphic Design
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Ghada Alhalasa.jpg“Nothing great is ever accomplished alone”.

As international graphic designer, I’ve worked in designing the visual identity for a project “PLANET EARTH” that won 5 international awards. As an assistant professor in art and design; I’ve developed the curriculum of graphic design program at YU- Jordan. 

I would thanks My home ISU. 

August 20th, 2011 was my first day in ISU campus that I’ll never forget. That day when started my new life in a country I’ve been always admired to and dreamed of.

I was an MFA student in at the college of Art and Science studying graphic design.  The MFA journey built a creative artist and designer inside myself. Having such a great advisor and faculty members was so helpful for me as international students, they helped me from the first year till I graduated in 2014. 

Teaching art and design is more about teaching creativity. I wondered how does one teach students how to be creative? And the answer was ISU again. In fall 2014, I attended the Ph.D. program at the Bayh college of Education. This experience made me open a new chapter of my life. Having a highly valued teaching faculty enhanced and developed my teaching skills and emphasized my own continual learning and growth. Of course, My advisor and the faculty members were helped me completed this chapter. Thank you forever. 

People in ISU campus gave me the power to compromise and built my strengths and skills, through the international students office I got involved in different students activities. That gave me a chance to hold my country’ traditions through the “Jordana folk dance” band I’ve created on 2012.

ISU is not just a school, it’s a home. Thanks for everyone in this campus who makes me what am I now.

Best of luck!