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Jasmine Barney

BS Biology
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July 19, 2016 Jasmine BarneyI am currently contracted as a CRA (contracted research associate) at DOW Agrosciences (now known as Corteva) since the Fall of 2016.

Before graduating in 2016, I volunteered to help the Center for Bat Research, Conservation and Outreach as a way broaden my experience in the biology field. Shortly after that I was hired to work for a graduate student, Tim Divoll to help with classifying insects for his analysis into the foraging habits of Northern Long-eared bats. In an effort to expand my knowledge of biology I took various courses offered by ISU which included fresh water biology, mammology, ornithology and ecology to just name a few. In the summer of 2016, I went to work for the Center for Bat Research, Conservation, and Outreach as a bat technician. I spent my summer learning how to trap, tag, and track bats. This job also gave field experience and helped me develop skills. With the knowledge I learned I was able to help the center in their efforts to monitor bat activity in the area and established maternity roost for the endangered Myotis Sodalis (Indiana Bat). Thanks to all my previous experiences, it helped me obtain a job running bioassay tests on crop pests at Dow.