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George Fritch

Chemistry w/ concentration in Biochem
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Having graduated from a small high school in rural Indiana, I was very nervous entering my freshman year at Indiana State. When I arrived, however, I quickly felt at home in the Department of Chemistry at Indiana State. My goal was always to attend medical school, but the road to achieving that dream can lead down many paths. For me, the departments of chemistry and physics as well as biology at Indiana State provided me with excellent academic, interpersonal, and research opportunities to make my dream a reality. The sciences at Indiana State place a great emphasis on the growth of their undergraduate students. The professors and graduate students form close relationships with their students and take a deeply rooted interest in their success.

While at Indiana State, the undergraduate science curriculum provided me excellent preparation for my medical school entrance exams. Small group study sessions were led by professors to help us understand difficult concepts. Research opportunities were abundant for undergraduate students at Indiana State and allowed me to gain experience in gathering, interpreting, and reporting scientific data as well as presenting it at various conferences across the country. I believe that I received more than just a degree from Indiana State University. I believe that I received the tools, experience, and ability to conduct self-directed learning necessary to successfully enter and complete medical school. None of this would have been possible without the personal attention I received in the department of chemistry at Indiana State. Many professional connections with medical school faculty were made for me as a direct result of my major at Indiana State.

Since completing my Bachelor of Science degree at Indiana State, I attended Indiana University School of Medicine and graduated in 2016. I am currently a resident physician in family practice at Union Hospital in Terre Haute, IN. To this day I continue to find connections with faculty and staff in the medical community because of a shared link with the chemistry program at Indiana State. While many roads can take you to your ultimate goals in life, the chemistry department at Indiana State certainly provided me with invaluable gifts that I will build upon and utilize throughout my career and life.

George Fritch, M.D.
Indiana State University Class of 2012
Indiana University School of Medicine Class of 2016