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Criminology & Criminal Justice

Heather Ryan

MS, Criminology
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RyanHeather Ryan, Former Special Agent, N.C.I.S

For 14 years, Heather Ryan was a special agent with the U.S. Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS). As an NCIS agent, she investigated felonies ranging from rape and child abuse to homicide and espionage. As a supervisory special agent, she managed a full team of investigators, with a ten state area of responsibility.

After turning in her badge and gun, Heather became a professional speaker. Through speaking engagements and workshops at companies, organizations, and universities, she empowers her audiences to harness the power of their intuition to stay safe and become successful leaders.

Heather earned a Bachelor of Science degree from Ball State University in both psychology and criminal justice. She also has a Master of Science degree in criminology from Indiana State University. Her book, Special Agent Mom, will be released in the Spring 2017.