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Alumni Mentor
Languages, Literatures, and Linguistics

Reagan Dewell

BA, Language Studies (German and TESL)
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Through Indiana State University, I truly developed a passion for international connections and foreign cultures. Through the extensive foreign language program, international studies, and Teaching English as a Second and Foreign Language certification, I got to experience some of my life dreams and goals become accomplished right before my eyes. Studying German, French, Latin, and ESL, I was able to study in Germany for two full semesters, traveled through Europe, made international connections and got to see more of the world than I had ever dreamed possible. Following my graduation from ISU in 2016, I was offered a job teaching English in Japan, which I gladly accepted and as of 2018 am currently residing. My experience at ISU without a doubt opened up a world of possibilities and have never once thought twice about my decision to study Foreign Language and International Studies once.