Electives in public administration: Students may in consultation with the MPA director choose from among these public administration courses to fulfill the requirements for the degree.

PA 608 Legal Environment of Public Administration--3 hours. Analysis of key legal concepts as they relate to public and non-profit agencies. Municipal law, administrative law, personnel matters, and constitutional concerns will be surveyed

PA 609 Ethical Concerns in Current American Public Administration--3 hours. This course reviews theories of ethics and principles of ethics applied to management in the public sector. It deals with ethical issues that may confront the public manager. Accountability, discretion, working in the public interest, and influence of public administrators on public policy are reviewed. The course emphasizes practical approaches to ethical dilemmas in public administration. (Course description revised.)

PA 630 - Federalism and Intergovernmental Relations-3 credits. This course provides an examination of federalism within the United States. It emphasizes the development of federalism as a theory of government; and the application of federalism through the practice of intergovernmental relations throughout all levels of American government.

PA 631 – Public Policy Analysis-3 credits. Analysis of selected policies and programs, emphasizing program formulation, implementation, and evaluation phases.

PA 640 Seminar in Personnel Law--3 hours. Analysis of personnel-related legal matters and their applications in public personnel management. Topics covered will include EEOC/OSHA guidelines, fair employment, employee rights, and collective bargaining laws. A major research paper will be required.

PA 690 Special Topics in Public Administration--3 hours. Special topics in public administration not covered by regularly scheduled research seminars will be considered. The course may be repeated for up to 6 hours of credit with a different topic. A major project will be required.

PA 698 Directed Research in Public Administration--3 hours. Supervised research on an approved topic resulting in a major research document