The MPA program at Indiana State University is a professional degree designed to meet the standards of the National Association of Schools of Public Affairs and Administration (NASPAA). The purpose of the MPA degree program at ISU is to prepare students for professional leadership in public policy and administration at all levels of government, and within nonprofit organizations Curriculum components are designed to produce professional public administrators capable of intelligent and creative analysis, communication, and action in the public sector. The MPA program at ISU has four objectives for its students:

An understanding of public administration as both a profession and as a field of study.
A development of administrative skills, including policy analysis, human resources management, financial administration, statistical analysis, and use of information systems.
A growth of insight into decision-making at all levels of government.
An appreciation of the importance of using democratic values to inform the administration of the public's business.

Students will also develop the following learning outcomes:

Articulate a public service perspective regarding the role of government agencies in society
Utilize critical thinking and analysis through the use of quantitative and/or qualitative research methods
Communicate and interact productively in a diverse environment
Recognize and act on professional and ethical challenges that arise within public administration
Master an appropriate literature in public administration