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Sycamore String Quartet Program Scholarship

Sycamore String Quartet Scholarship, ViolinThe School of Music at Indiana State University began offering the Sycamore String Quartet Program Scholarship in the fall semester of 2018. This scholarship is valued at $36,000 over eight semesters, approximately equivalent to full in-state tuition.

Each year, students who are accepted into the program form a new Sycamore String Ensemble, receive weekly coaching from the ISU string faculty, serve in leadership roles in the ISU Symphony Orchestra, and take applied lessons. Acceptance is by on-campus audition by March 1, and is open to any incoming freshman, regardless of major.

Please visit the ISU Scholarship page for further information about this scholarship, including the rules and regulations. Also visit the undergraduate audition page for audition details.

Questions? Contact Dr. Yunjung Lee.

Sycamore String Quartet Scholarship, cello and viola