The Rich and Robin Porter Cancer Research Center (PCRC) was established at Indiana State University by a substantial donation from ISU alumnus Rich Porter and his wife Robin. Comprising research laboratory space in ISU’s Science Building, and with affiliated faculty from multiple ISU departments, the PCRC pushes the boundaries of cancer research at ISU and transforms the university into a premier training center for the next generation of cancer researchers. The PCRC pursues this goal by recruiting the best and brightest graduate students from around the world. These Porter Research Fellows are provided the financial support to work year-round on cancer-related research in collaboration with ISU faculty.

“Cancer will be cured one discovery at a time. Our hope is that one of these discoveries will be made by a student from Indiana State University via the Rich and Robin Porter Cancer Research Center — whether that discovery takes place at Indiana State University or at some future point in these students' careers.” – Rich Porter

Rich and Robin Porter, Benefactors
Rich and Robin Porter, benefactors of the center.