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The Department of Political Science offers two major degree programs and four minor programs. The majors offered are a Bachelor's Degree (BA/BS) in Political Science (39 semester hours required) and an interdisciplinary Bachelor's Degree (BA/BS) in Legal Studies (39 semester hours required). The minor programs are in Political Science (18 semester hours required), Legal Studies (21 semester hours required), Civic Leadership (24 semester hours required), and Public Administration (21 semester hours required).


The ISU Political Science Department is part of the University's College of Arts and Sciences. The total number of students majoring within the department averages approximately 90, that total usually being rather evenly divided between Political Science majors and Legal Studies majors. Although a mid- sized unit within the University in terms of its total number of majors, the Political Science Department has in recent years had one of the largest contingents of students in the University Honors Program. Our students are also very active in the Student Government Association (SGA) and other campus leadership positions.


Political Science

Legal Studies


Civic Leadership

Legal Studies

Public Administration

Political Science

The department also cooperates with the Departments of Economics and Social Work to offer a minor in Social Welfare.

Social Welfare