Nonprofit Leadership Minor 

The Nonprofit Leadership Minor strives to strengthen the social sector with a talented and prepared workforce. The Nonprofit Leadership Minor is an innovative course of study that prepares students for major-related careers across the nonprofit sector. 

For current course requirements for the Nonprofit Leadership Minor, please visit the ISU Undergraduate Course Catalog

Become a Certified Nonprofit Professional

Completion of the undergraduate Nonprofit Leadership Minor may lead to the Certified Nonprofit Professional (CNP) credential through the Legacy Campus Track of the Nonprofit Leadership Alliance (NLA) by completing additional co-curricular and professional development requirements, as well as by paying additional fees to NLA and passing the NLA National Certification Exam. 

Students complete 90% of the NLA Legacy Campus Track for the CNP! Completing the CNP with the Nonprofit Leadership Minor is highly encouraged and facilitated throughout the program, including the required 120 contact hour internship. 

Cooperating Academic Programs 

The Nonprofit Leadership Program cooperates with other related programs around campus with courses from the Nonprofit Leadership Minor also counting in the following programs: 

We highly encourage students enrolled in these other programs to consider co-enrolling in the Nonprofit Leadership Minor and pursuing the CNP! 

The Nonprofit Leadership Minor compliments the following academic programs: African-American Studies, Human Development and Family Studies, Psychology, Public Lands and Recreation Administration, Sport Management, Social Work, Business, Marketing, Financial Services, Communication, Public Relations, Criminology and Criminal Justice, Theater, Applied Health Sciences, Biology, Conservation, Sustainability, Art & Design, Political Science, Human Resource Development, and Multidisciplinary Studies. 

Not Ready for the Entire NPL Minor - Consider Taking One Course!

Students wanting to try just one class in Nonprofit Leadership are encouraged to take RCSM-150: Introduction to Nonprofit Leadership & Management, which is offered every fall semester. 

Students needing 300/400 level course credit are also welcome to enroll in any one of the courses for the Nonprofit Leadership Minor, especially our three 8-week asynchronous distance education courses: 

Alternative Spring Break

In Spring 2023, the Nonprofit Leadership Program will be co-sponsoring an Alternative Spring Break trip to Medora, North Dakota where we will be engaging in the community and learning through service with the Theodore Roosevelt Medora Foundation, Theodore Roosevelt National Park, Theodore Nature and History Association, and the Theodore Roosevelt Presidential Library. This trip will be held by Dr. Nathan A. Schaumleffel in conjunction with his class, RCSM-485: Community Development & Nonprofit Organizations, targeting students in the following programs: 

  • Nonprofit Leadership Minor
  • Public Lands & Recreation Administration Minor 
  • Museum Studies Minor 
  • History Major 
  • Geography and Sustainability Major
  • Sustainability Minor 
Public Lands Spring Break Trip

How to Join the Nonprofit Leadership Minor 

If you're ready to declare the Nonprofit Leadership Minor as your minor, please do the following: 

  • As with any change in a student's course of study, students wanting to earn the Nonprofit Leadership Minor should first meet with their assigned academic advisor to add the Nonprofit Leadership Minor on MySam. Students should request that Dr. Nathan A. Schaumleffel be added as a secondary or tertiary academic advisor on MySam. 
  • Students should email Dr. Schaumleffel ( for an academic advising appointment. At the academic advisement meeting, after learning about the student's career goals, Dr. Schaumleffel will review the student's MySam record and add Academic Advisement Notes regarding which semester to take each course required for the Nonprofit Leadership Minor. The student's primary academic advisor should integrate the MySam notes into the MySam four-year plan. 
  • The student's academic advisor should update the student's MySam Plan and direct the student to take RCSM-150: Introduction to Nonprofit Leadership and Management in the upcoming fall semester. RCSM-150 is a Fall Semester Only course. only one section of the course is offered each fall semester. it is critical to take RCSM-150 as soon as possible. 
  • New Nonprofit Leadership minors, even if a freshman or sophomore, may take RCSM-332: Public and Nonprofit Finance in the spring semester. 

Want to Speak with the Program Coordniator and Academic Advisor? 

For more information about the Nonprofit Leadership Minor or to schedule an on-campus or Zoom appointment for academic advisement, please contact: 

Dr. Nathan Schaumleffel, CRPRP, CNP, CFRM, CVA, CYSA

Associate Professor & Program Coordinator 

Nonprofit Leadership Program