Program Outcomes

Program Objectives

Students will be able to

.... utilize genetic expertise to meet the individual needs of clients. 

... employ psychosocial skills to facilitate culturally appropriate sessions and empower patient autonomy. 

... effectively education clients, providers, and the community to become leaders genetics and healthcare community.

... act in accordance with the ethical, legal and philosphical principles of the genetic counseling profession

Graduation Rate

  • 100% of the students that matriculated into our Genetic Counseling Program graduated with a degree from Indiana State University.  More than 90% of these students graduated with a degree in Genetic Counseling.  

Program Outcomes

American Board of Genetic Counseling (ABGC) Certification Examination Outcomes

  • Approximately 95% (21/22) of graduates that have qualified to take the ABGC Certification Examination have passed the examination.  


  • 100% (22/22) of graduates have been employed within 30 days of graduation and 95% (21/22) of graduates have been employed prior to graduation.