Psychology Minor Requirements


A minimum of 18 semester hours is required for the minor in Psychology at Indiana State University. At least 6 of those credit hours must be completed at Indiana State University. The requirements for the minor are outlined below:


  • PSY 101 (Introductory Psychology; 3 credits)


In consultation with their academic advisors, students select 5 courses offered in the Department to serve as electives.

Electives for students with minors in psychology should be related to their major field of study.

For example, in addition to PSY 101, a student majoring in criminology and minoring in psychology might take Psychological Orientation to Social Psychology (PSY 270), Psychology of Personality (PSY 362), Abnormal Psychology (PSY 368), Psychology of Human Sexuality and Responsibility (PSY 100), and Psychology and the Legal System (PSY 306).

Frequently offered courses that can serve as electives include:

  • PSY 100 (Psychology of Human Sexuality and Sexual Responsibility; 3 credits)
  • PSY 306 (Psychology and the Legal System; 3 credits)
  • PSY 338 (Psychology of Women; 3 credits)
  • PSY 350 (Environmental Psychology; 3 credits)
  • PSY 414 (Motivation and Behavior; 3 credits)
  • PSY 466 (Human Ontogeny; 3 credits)
  • PSY 475 (Biological, Psychological, and Sociocultural Models of Addiction; 3 credits)
  • PSY 485 (Psychology and Society)
  • PSY 490 (Seminar in Psychology; 3 credits)

Please note: PSY 485 fulfills the General Education Capstone requirement. It will also serve as a directed elective for students majoring or minoring in psychology. In order to enroll in PSY 485, students must be Psychology majors or minors and have completed 45 credit hours. If in doubt regarding your eligibility for PSY 485, please speak with your academic advisor.

Department of Psychology