Department Directory

The Psychology Department is located in the East Wing of Root Hall, parallel to 7th Street. All office numbers have a B prefix. For example, campus directories will show RO B-202 to indicate the Psychology Department main office. Faculty and student offices are on the second floor, the Psychology Clinic is on the ground floor, and classrooms and research laboratories are located on the lower level (i.e., basement).


All phone numbers have an 812 area code and a 237 prefix. For example, to reach Dr. Virgil Sheets, please call (812) 237-2451.

Abraham, Michelle B-211
Anderson, Eric B-236 8052
Anderson, Veanne B-208 2459
Bolinskey, Kevin B-214 2463
Brez, Caitlin B-212 2450
Brubaker, Brad B-231 2457
Johnson, Tom B-206 2449
Jordan, Kevin B-234 2465
Leavitt, Peter B-213
McDonnell, Gerald B-215 7127
O'Laughlin, Liz B-233 2455 Elizabeth.O'
Rasley, Rachel B-210 
Schriver, Jennifer B-235 3950
Shin, Jacqueline B-232 2461
Walter, Sally
Branum, Marty B-119 3319
Julian, Kim B-204 2456
McFaddin, Emilie B-207 4314
Ocampo, Kathy B-108 4489​
Cleveland, Dan
Drysdale, Michael
Kristeller, Jean B-216 2467
Murphy, Michael B-219
Sprock, June B-209
Anastasiadis, William B-238
Bazier, Ashley B-238
Beam, Danielle      
Biermann, Audra B-227
Bonilla, Kathia B-226
Coffey, Annelise B-240
D'Amico, Jessica B-229
Ebarb, Catherine      
Feinstein, Ari B-228
Fiske, Zoe B-237
Gernand, Anna
Goldammer, Miranda B-229 
Hammond-Chaffin, Andi      
Johnson, Charlene
Johnson, Kaitlyn      
Kahl, Samantha B-227
Keane, Jennifer B-237
Khan, Farnoosh B-237
Korevec, Joseph B-228
Lesniak, Cody B-238
Luchtefeld, Cara B-224
Luckett, Bradley B-225 
Meadows, Jordan      
Morris, Madyson      
Murphy, Erin      
Musselman, Aubrie B-241 
Niehus, Katie B-240
Oehler, Ashley B-223    
Roop, Samnatha B-241
Songer, Dylan
Storm, Kayla      
Teske, Nicole B-226
Thamboo, Pradeep B-225
Todd, Brianna      
Twitdy, Joseph      
Ward, Sydney      
Wiesepape, Courtney B-224




Department of Psychology