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Peter Leavitt, Ph.D.

Peter Leavitt

Assistant Professor
Ph.D. University of Arizona, 2016

Contact Information:
Office:  Root Hall, B-213
Phone:  (812) 237-3263

Classes Taught:

  • Psychology 100:  Psychology of Human Sexuality Research
  • Psychology 100W:  Psychology of Human Sexuality Work Group
  • Psychology 270:  Social Psychology
  • Psychology 321:  Diversity & Ethics
  • Psychology 376:  Psychological Research and Writing

Research Interests

1. Social and cultural differences in how people think about social class, politics, racism, religion, and other topics

2. Social class identity and culture

3. Media representations of social class and race

4. Effective communication and advocacy across ideological divides


Dr. Leavitt is always interested in hearing from students who are interested in research experience and hearing from anyone with shared interests!





Department of Psychology