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Advising Protocols & Procedures

The Advising Session

In  order  for  your  advising  session to  be  productive, you  need  to  be  prepared.  The following checklist will benefit  both  you and your  advisor to  gain the  most  from  your meeting. Being prepared is not a request,but a requirement: If you show up unprepared for the advising sessions, be prepared to be sent home to get your affairs in order.

What to do before being advised?

•    Review the most up-to-date version of your four year (or more, if necessary) plan in MySam.

•              Come up with  a tentative schedule for the upcoming term.  Remember, you can hold  the cursor  over any required  courses or electives in MYSAM to  see when they will offered  in the upcoming semester to help map out not only the next semester,but much of the upcoming academic year as desired.


•    Make  an appointment with  your  advisor. Advisors are listed  in the  top  area of the  Worksheet  on MySam. Most  advisors will  send out  emails in October  and March  to  announce  when  and  how  they  will  be  scheduling  appointments. However, feel free to contact your advisor in advance if you want to get cracking. Conversely, please don't ignore emails from your advisor; faculty lives, like yours, are incredibly  busy in November  and April, and they  may not  be able to  meet with  you just  because you  forgot  to  make  an appointment. Even if  you  have holds or other  issues that  may delay registration, please meet  with  your advisor during Spring/Fall advising periods. Likewise, if you meet with  your  advisor, and new situations  arise (a poor  grade in a course, new work  hours, etc.) that  may necessitate a change of schedule, please do not hesitate to contact your advisor to make sure all is in order with an altered set of courses.

o     Priority registration times:

•    FALL/SUMMER: Roughly the  last week of March through  the end


•    SPRING: Roughly the  last  week  of October  through  the  end  of


REMEMBER: Students  who fail to meet during the normal advising sessions or posted office hours may not necessarily be able to register in a timely fashion.

Advising PINs

Advising PINs must be obtained  prior to registration. In addition to registration, students may need access to their PINs to add and drop courses. These procedures  are intended to protect your privacy and to make sure you maintain  access to your PIN at a later

date-should it be required.

o      Students are responsible a list of their PINS from semester to semester

o      Don't Jose your PIN ! ! !! ! !

o      PINs are required for ADD/DROP

o      PINs must be obtained from your advisor of record

o      Administrative/Office staff  will not  and are not  authorized  to  distribute


•    PINs will  not  be  distributed  over  the  phone   or  email  without prior consultation  with   your   advisor  about   your   upcoming  semester  and academic progress more generally

o                   Please also note  for first year students: University  College Advisors may withhold PINs. If you want  to  change your schedule  or add (or drop)  a

·course, you will likely need to meet with your UC advisor.


Advisors and advising are an important component of all undergraduate majors. Given the complexity  of the SSE program  and the total students enrolled  in the major, you are encouraged to communicate with  your advisor regularly throughout the academic year and  not  just for the  purposes  of registration.  Should  you  have  questions  about  the program, Foundational Studies, or the professional education sequence, please feel free to contact your advisor, or the program  coordinator, via e-mail or visit them during their posted  office hours. Below are some important procedures  that  will facilitate advising and assist you in identifying your "advisor of record":

o      The  name  of  your  advisor  is  clearly  indicated   at  the  top   of  your   MySam worksheet

o       Make sure you are going to the correct advisor-advisors may change. If you are

unsure,please check with the SSE coordinator.

o      If  you are having trouble  getting in touch  with  your advisor, please contact  the

SSE coordinator.

o       Become familiar  with  the  posted office hours  of your  advisor and visit him/her regularly

o    Remember office hours may change every semester

o      Students are required  to use their  MYISU email accounts when contacting  their


o    Advising information  cannot be exchanged via non-ISU email