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Audition Music

Here you will find PDF files of the 2022 ISU All-Star Honor Band audition material. (PLEASE CHECK BACK HERE DURING THE SUMMER of 2022 for the music)

  • Flute/Piccolo (TBA)
  • Oboe/English Horn (TBA)
  • Bassoon/Contrabassoon (TBA)
  • Soprano Clarinet (TBA)
  • Bass Clarinet (TBA)
  • Saxophone (Alto,Tenor, Baritone) (TBA)
  • Trumpet (TBA)
  • Horn (TBA)
  • Trombone (TBA)
  • Bass Trombone (TBA)
  • Euphonium (TBA)
  • Tuba (TBA)

Note: Percussionists, String Bassists, Harpists, and Pianists will select their own audition excerpt materials.

Scale sheets (for those who might need help learning scales):