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Dudine Scholarships

The Don Dudine Scholarship is a $1000 scholarship open to members of the Marching Sycamores who are not music majors at the School of Music. Recipients of this scholarship will be selected by an appointed Scholarship Committee at Indiana State University, with guidance from the Director of Athletic Bands (or their designee). The Director of Athletic Bands will identify the top needs in regard to instrumentation. Consideration for this scholarship shall be given to an Indiana State University student or prospective student who meets the following criteria:

  • Has been accepted at Indiana State University, and has a major other than Music;
  • Has registered for MUS 109 or 409 and participates the full season with the Marching Sycamores;
  • Has submitted the Don Dudine Scholarship Application Form (
  • Has furnished a letter of recommendation from their high school band director
  • Attends all performances by the Marching Sycamores

This scholarship is awarded on an annual basis and is automatically renewable for up to three years, as long as the applicant continues their membership in the Marching Sycamores, and is in good standing (e.g., no monies owed, no performance absences or excessive rehearsal absences, etc.). Scholarship recipients will complete a written letter of appreciation to the donor, which will also serve as the student's official acceptance of the scholarship.

The priority deadline for this scholarship is August 1, 2024. Both the letter of recommendation and the completion of the application form must be done by that date to qualify, unless otherwise indicated by the Director of Athletic Bands. Letters of recommendation should be sent to Dr. Emmanuel Rodriguez, Director of Athletic Bands at