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Band Camp Information

Welcome to Indiana State University and the Marching Sycamores! This page contains important information about our Preseason Band Camp, which will be held in August, and is the official kickoff to our 2024 season! Here you will find important information regarding move-in schedules, rehearsals, housing and meals, contact information, and much more. Please make sure to review all of the information included on this page.


Sign up to join the 2024 ISU Marching Sycamores today by filling out the 'Intent to March' form and receive information related to our upcoming season! As we celebrate the 100th anniversary of the ISU Bands program, we have a great year planned to include away game travel, our Sycamore Marching Band Day, Homecoming Alumni Band, and much more!

The Marching Sycamores is open to winds players (piccolo/flute, clarinet, alto sax, tenor sax, trumpet, mellophone, trombone, baritone, sousaphone), Drumline (snare, tenors, bass, cymbals), as well as Guard and Twirlers.

Complete this form by July 1 to guarantee a drill spot in Pregame and the first Halftime Show. Those who submit after July 1 will be allowed to participate, but may have an alternate drill spot. Those interested in Colorguard and Twirler will need to submit additional information and a video audition by July 1 (to be sent out soon).

Intent to March Form:

Band Camp Info


All members of the Marching Sycamores should plan to arrive on campus for Preseason Band Camp on the following days. Please consult the Camp Schedule tab above for specific times, and a detailed itinerary of Band Camp activities. DO NOT arrive earlier than your expected report time as there will be no housing for you! Arriving later than your expected report time would also be a bad thing and could jeopardize your ability to participate as a member of the Marching Sycamores. A detailed preseason camp schedule will be sent to members registered for camp.

  • Tuesday, August 6 or Wednesday August 7 : Leadership Team Report
  • Friday, August 9 : Drumline & Colorguard Report
  • Sunday, August 11 : All Winds Report. This is the official start of the Preseason Band Camp
  • Friday, August 16 : Last Day of Camp 
  • Saturday, August 17 : NO CAMP ACTIVITIES (SOM large ensemble auditions)
  • Sunday, August 18 : Convocation & March through the Arch 
  • Wednesday, August 21 : Start of rehearsals during course meeting time (MWF, 3:15-5:15pm)


All members of the Marching Sycamores must register for the class* (1 credit). Without registering, we cannot pay for your early move-in fees, your meal card, or your apparel. The correct course codes are as follows:

MUS 109 ( Freshman and Sophomores)

  • Section 1 (CRN 50002 - 1 credit)
  • Section 2 (CRN 50549 - 0 credit)*

MUS 409 (Juniors and Seniors)

  • Section 1 (CRN 50075 - 1 credit)
  • Section 2 (CRN 50652 - 0 credit)*

* (Students may only take the course for zero credit if they are at 18 credit hours already. Please contact Dr. Rodriguez for more information.)

Band Camp Info 2


Note: If you are living off-campus, the following information does not pertain to you.*

When you arrive, report directly to your assigned residence hall.* You should have received an email (through your ISU email address) earlier in the summer, detailing your housing assignment. A Residential Life member will meet you at the front desk to give you your room key. If you have not let us know your housing assignment, we will be contacting you for that information, so that we can take care of your early move-in fees.

* (Leadership members may be required to move into temporary housing until Friday August 9 so be prepared to move your stuff into your permanent dorm on that day while everyone else is registering.)


The Marching Sycamores will provide members with a meal card that covers food costs until University meal plans are active. Your meal card can be used at the ISU Commons (fast food options are available) and at the ISU Dining Hall.

DO NOT LOSE YOUR MEAL CARD. If you lose your meal card, please let Dr. Rodriguez and the program managers know so we can cancel the balance and issue a replacement (if available).

Important Note: For members who have their early move-in housing fees and meal cards paid for by the Marching Sycamores, please be aware that if the member ends up not coming to band camp, or quits the band before the end of the season, they will be billed for the cost of their housing and meal card.

Band Camp Info 3


Music to the Marching Sycamores warm-up sequence, Pregame, and first Halftime show will be sent to members that have completed the “Intent to March” form above by July 1 in an electronic format. Once you are for Preseason Band Camp, you will be given access to all season sheet music on the Beam Music app.


Students needing to rent a university-owned instrument can do so at Preseason Band Camp Registration. Instruments available are in limited supply. The Marching Sycamores will cover your rental fee you play Sousaphone or are in Drumline. Rental fees for any other instruments are $60 per semester, which covers the cost of maintenance and any necessary repairs throughout the semester.


If you are a member of a drum and bugle corps for the upcoming season, you still participate as a member of the Marching Sycamores. You must email Dr. Rodriguez about this as soon as possible!

Band Camp Info 4


A “What to Bring” list will be sent out to all members registered for Preseason Band Camp.


  • Formal Uniform – The formal Marching Sycamores uniform is issued to all winds and percussionists at no charge. The uniform consists of the uniform jacket, bibbers, and shako. It will be issued during Preseason Band Camp, along with a parka to be worn over the uniform during inclement weather.
  • 2024 T-Shirt – The 2024 Marching Sycamores t-shirt is a part of our alternate uniform (‘B’ Uniform) that we use for specific performances and rehearsals. If you lose or damage your provided t-shirt, you are required to purchase a replacement shirt.
  • 2024 Ballcap – The official Marching Sycamores baseball cap is to be worn by all instrumentalists as part of the formal uniform in the stands and with the ‘B’ uniform. This cap is for use only at performances, and SHOULD NOT be used at rehearsals or for everyday attire.
  • Custom Drawstring Bag and Water Bottle - These items are only given to be used during ISU game day to bring performance and personal items into the stands at Memorial Stadium.
  • Phone e-Clip – Every wind player will have the option of checking out a custom Sycamore Bands e-clip that clips their cellphone to the lyre. You can choose not to check one out if you already own a similar product. WE DO NOT provide lyres (lyres are your responsibility to bring)
  • Ultimate Drill Book & BEAM – The Marching Sycamores will provide you login codes to access our drill and sheet music using the UDB and Beam apps.
  • Football Guest Tickets – Each member of the ISU Marching Sycamores is eligible to receive two (2) free guest tickets to each Indiana State University home football game. Ticket reservations are due by 12:00pm on the Wednesday prior to the Saturday football game. 


For questions or more information, contact Dr. Rodriguez, Director of Athletic Bands, at

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